Finding your place in life, your purpose, your human will- Encouragement for today

We all sit and think about what we are supposed to be doing that will lead us to our destiny. That will make us successful in life. That will help us to have meaning in life.

Sometimes we over think things to a fault; but that’s because we are human and have a deep down inside nature that wills us to seek out a purpose in life to fulfill and will not let us rest until we do. And if we didn’t do that; one would have to wonder what’s wrong with us. Or at least I would anyway.

      Know this: finding your purpose, you place in life, and knowing your human will; is a lifelong journey.  Ever heard the saying, it’s not the end that matters it’s how you live during the journey? I have and that’s why I am encouraging you today to keep walking forward. Try not to let your thinking stifle you into not doing anything but sitting still.

Keep reading to find tips that will keep you moving forward.

     Each of us has a built-in purpose. We were all customized to perform, learn, achieve, and do different things to make this world a better place for ourselves, the ones we love, and for human kind in general. You were uniquely designed and molded to be YOU.

Yet, when the things we try to accomplish don’t work out as we planned; we stop dead halt and miss our marks for life.  So how do we find our purpose?

We keep searching everyday.

We keep learning everyday.

We keep seeking everyday to fulfill our dreams and desires that are embedded within us.

     Do you think that the dream you hold so dear deep in your heart is there for any other reason that to show you your purpose?  Well, then, think again. Because that nudging, that deep burning sensation, and that yearning to reach your destination that will not rest in you is your purpose.

      Now it is up to you to use your human will to march on and be encouraged that no matter how many times you try something that doesn’t work; you keep moving, not in failure, but in confidence, knowing that you have a purpose and have yet to find what does work.  Stop for a minute, look at all the things that did not work and see all the things you learned because of it. Had all that you tried worked; you would not have learned all of the extra’s along the way.

     That is what creates the hope and faith that you are able to develop and know you are still on the right path. You just can’t stop. Your “human will” will not allow you too.   Be encouraged to know you have a place in life and what you create will make a difference as long as you continue to believe and have faith. That is your purpose that will allow you to find your place in life. Your success, your dreams, your will to live a full and prosperous life that will benefit all whom you touch. And that my friend is more than we each can ask for to accomplish.

      I must say, for me, that I know from what I have studied and continue to study, that  humankind has been created to have communion with God and serve His purpose. I find my encouragement in knowing that I am doing all that I can do to become more mature, skilled, and prosperous in my walk of life and build the dream inside of me to help others succeed in life by imparting unto them my talents and skills through the services that I offer in my business as a business consultant who does PR with a purpose and connects resources to businesses through the

     This has been given to me by my creator as my purpose; now its my job and duty to find a solution to make it happen and be willing to learn all that I can along the way to ensure its success. Think on these things, think the best that you can. For as you think so let it be true. Give your best. Give your all. And that is all that you are expected for He will do the rest.

Retrieved from Bing; Photos By: Esserville Church, Just Bee Wellness,

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