Lemetric NY Hair Center transforms two Ohio women- See the reveal here

Elline Surianello, Owner of the Lemetric NY Hair Center transforms two Ohio women’s hair into master pieces at the JBentley Studio & Spa while the 1st in Nation Mobile Hair Center is prepared right here in our own back yard by local vendors, Mauck 2 and Creative Mobile Interiors.

Elline is still available at J. Bentley on January 19th , giving local area women the opportunity to discuss their individual needs and concerns about hair loss.  One-on-one consultations during her visit to J.Bentley can be booked by calling LeMetric at 1-800-217-9052.

J. Bentley is located at 8882 Moreland Street, Powell, OH 43065

Now for the moment you have all been waiting for; are you ready for this. Then move that Mobile Hair Center and click continue 🙂

All Photos By: Darla Waterwash, Assistant Manager  @JbentleyStudio



OK, now you be the judge. Lemetric Hair System makes a difference.



Hurry while Elline is still here, make that call and get a free consultation while she’s here at the JBentley Studio & Spa 1-800-217-9052 tomorrow, Thursday January 19th.

     Now for an amazing, shocking, and touching transformation of one of the sweetest young ladies you have ever met. Amy Emswiler, soon to be Mrs. Amy Robey, owner of Robey’s Pub in Reynoldsburg Ohio.

     Amy has alopecia totalis. She literally has no hair including eye lashes, brows, and the like. She is however, one beautiful, well loved, individual who has the most supportive hubby to be, Dan Robey.   And the look on his face when she removed her wig to expose her baldness proved it all to the entire room of people watching.  Then when she first received her new Lemetric Hair System from Elline; watching him tear up when he seen tears of joy come to Amy’s face, was just priceless.  See for yourself :

Before- Amy Emswiler

After- Amy Emswiler

     Amy’s attitude alone was inspirational.   And now with a hair system that actually lives and breathes on top of her head; after she wiped the tears away the beam from her smile proved it all. Swing, Swish, Shampoo, Blow Dry, Curl; whatever Amy wants to do with her hair now she doesn’t have to take it off to do it! She can get in the shower with it. Go to sleep with it. Wake up in the morning with it. IF she never wants to take it off, she doesn’t have too. That’s the unique design of the Lemetric System that set Amy free to do as she pleases when she pleases, and with her hair on!

      I heard Amy say that now that she has this hair that really feels and fits like its her own; she plans to start doing some things to help bring awareness to young ladies that there is an alternative to wearing that ever slipping wig; there is the Lemetric Hair System. 

A special thank you to Elline Surinello, Marvin Blender, the entire team at Lemetric Hair Center of New York, FOX- Good Morning Host, Shawn Ireland, CBS- Female Focus, and of course our very own JBentley Studio & Spa team and hair stylist: Le Ann & Joy,  for making all of this possible for us and for many women to come!

Click here to Follow Lemetric Hair Center of New York on Facebook,  the New Mobile Hair Studio is off to Buffalo, NY next

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