Hair Thinning transformation reveal is coming this morning on FOX, evening on CBS stay tuned

Well folks, here I am, the BEFORE picture with the newly released Lemetric Mobile Hair Center parked outside the JBentley Studio & Spa.

     Watch this morning at 7:45 am on the FOX network in Columbus, Ohio for the amazing reveal of the transformation from some hair to MO-hair.   I can’t tell you how good it feels to have hair on top of my head. Some of the comments included, “you look younger”, “the color is awesome” , “the touch is real”, and did I mention they said I look younger. LOL

     This evening be sure to watch CBS Channel 10TV for more to come.  This is amazing, I have to admit. Sorry I could not show you the after pic yet.

     If you have thinning hair and/or have lost your hair completely; be sure and make your appointment for today or tomorrow for a complimentary consultation. You won’t be sorry unless you miss this opportunity to get your hair back on your head.

      Elline Surianello is the Founder of LeMetric Hair Center Inc — a New York City based salon dedicated solely to women struggling with hair thinning, hair loss or problem hair issues.  On Wednesday, January 18th,  Elline is coming to Columbus to officially launch her new Mobile Beauty Center and to announce their partnership with J.Bentley Studio & Spa. 

     A series of open house events will be held at J. Bentley on January 18th and 19th, giving local area women the opportunity to discuss their individual needs and concerns about hair loss.  One-on-one consultations during her visit to J.Bentley can be booked by calling LeMetric at 1-800-217-9052.

Open-House events are scheduled as follows:
Session #1:  Wednesday, January 18th (1:30pm – 4pm)
Session #2: Thursday, January 19th (10am – 12:30pm)
Session #3: Thursday, January 19th (2pm – 4pm)

J. Bentley is located at 8882 Moreland Street, Powell, OH 43065

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