My Hair used to be so Thick; now it’s the only thing that’s thin. Here is a great solution for thinning hair

When I was in my teens my hair was so thick I could not even get one of those large size Goody hair bands around my hair to twist one time over for a pony tail.

So what happens to us as we go through life and ummm,, oooh , here it comes, age, time, and lack there of sets in?  We lose our hair. And then we feel like we have lost our beauty for ever. While hair cut from the ends will grow back; it won’t grow back from the scalp the same way as it used to years gone by. And for some, unfortunately, it never grows in certain spots, large areas, and sometimes; it just doesn’t grow period!

Lucky for me, I was a hair stylist for 10 years and know how to goop it up, style it over, and whatever else I can create with the handful of hair I have left to cover up the protruding scalp from showing and make it look presentable.

     OK, here comes my revealing moment. Shocking, I might say. Especially if you have met me in person and have seen my puffed up head full of hair. Nah, don’t be fooled. I don’t have more than a handful and I can, unfortunately, prove it. In fact, if you have seen me lately, it’s a lot less than even 3 months ago for I have been on a downward spiral with losing my hair for one reason or another during a long period of time.  OOOOOOOO this is tough showing this, but gotta do it for the cause.

Let’s start me out gently. That once head of hair that could not be contained in a large covered hair band. Can no longer be held by a band because there’s not enough to hold it at all.

See my pony tail now? “-(

Every week, sometimes every 3-4 days when I clean my hairbrush, this is what I get for my little baggy collection.Ok, we are getting closer to the most shocking reveal. Just hang on with me. This takes a lot of guts, even for me believe it or not. And that’s just it. Imagine how much more so courage it takes for women who have a worse case of thinning hair than I do or even beyond that, no hair because of a medical condition called Alopecia. There are many other circumstances besides these that can cause dramatic hair loss such as: exposure to mold, thyroid condition, being under anesthesia during surgery, certain medications, a hairdo  gone wrong, stress, heredity, plain ol’ getting older, and a multitude of others.

Here is a great article from WebMD that talks about some of the medical reasons you may be loosing your hair.  Click on the link . But for now click on the continue reading to see my poor ol head in its finest. Please be kind, and promise no posting this pic on FB, Twitter, Social and all of the above. OK here goes 

As you can see, my hair is gone. The once luxurious poofed up and puffed out blonde is now down next to nothing without the goop and the hair dryers, curlers, and of course that good ol White Rain stiffing spray that doesn’t move once it hits my head. This is me.

     Admitting you have a problem is always the first and hardest step. Seeking out a solution can even be more difficult and humiliating. And for some people; it’s just not possible to style it over to make it look better. For one, you don’t feel like you have the creative bug to style your own hair. And then if you did, you may not have enough to style anyway. So you end up thinking, what’s the use until you look in the mirror and sigh wishing for more hair.

  So what do you do when you want more hair? When you want to feel confident about the way you look?  YOU GET MORE HAIR. 

     Never to fear, I a solution is here. I have come across a hair center that has more hair to customize for you than you can image. Woot Woot- Amazing. No injections. No chemicals to swallow. Only, hair on your head that’s made custom for you, your lifestyle, and your pocket-book.

     In fact they are here in Columbus, Ohio today and tomorrow doing their launch of their MOBILE Lemetric Hair Center at JBentley Studio and Spa in Powell, Ohio.  Lemetric will be going from city to city with their Mobile traveling Hair Center. That way, for those who cannot face going into the salon because their condition of NO HAIR prevents them from doing so; they will come to you. 

     This is awesome and the first of its kind in the nation for hair loss and thinning hair clients.  Lemetric, coming to you. It can’t get much better than that. I mean the one thing we ladies love is to get our hair done. And for those of you who have lost that desire; Lemetric can bring it back.  See below for complimentary consultation times with Lemetric at the JBentley Studio & Spa. Get your mojo back ladies; come get some hair! 

A series of open house events will be held at J. Bentley on January 18th and 19th, giving local area women the opportunity to discuss their individual needs and concerns about hair loss.  One-on-one consultations during her visit to J.Bentley can be booked by calling LeMetric at 1-800-217-9052.
Open-House events are scheduled as follows:
Session #1:  Wednesday, January 18th (1:30pm – 4pm)
Session #2: Thursday, January 19th (10am – 12:30pm)
Session #3: Thursday, January 19th (2pm – 4pm)
J. Bentley is located at 8882 Moreland Street, Powell, OH 43065 ( 


Be sure to catch the episode on FOX Wednesday Morning 7:45am , and CBS evening news. Lemetric is changing the way women can get HAIR.


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