Looking for Opportunity- My Shop is open- I am for hire; how to make your services known

When you are looking for opportunities for getting hired as a consultant, speaker, public relations specialist, or any other service  that you offer; you have to look ahead and consider all possibilities. In today’s world of fast paced online presence you not only have to be quick to see but also quick to apply.   Step up and Open your shop. Let people know you are for hire.

      While it’s great to have a strong presence online at Twitter, Blogs, FaceBook, and all the other social online networks; if people don’t know that you are there to do more than just share free information. How will they really know that you are for hire, right now, and most certainly in their future unless you let them know?

Learn how to make it known- You are open for business and ready to be hired.

       When you don’t have a store front and/or are not a product that sits on a shelf; you have to advertise your services differently. When you are your product, i.e. the service that you provide; can you really walk around with a sign in your hand that says OPEN for Business?  The answer of course is:  NO,  and that’s why you have to post definitions / descriptions of your services.

     Tell people about the various services that you offer. Share with them, ” this is my product on the shelf”. When a colleague or potential customer ask you for information in a particular area of your expertise that you include in your service offerings. Start by telling them, ” this is one of my services that I offer to my clients that I bill $X for”. If they don’t understand that the information you are giving them is something that is billable; how will they know this is your product.

     For the entire year of 2011 my biggest challenge with business owners whom I was trying to sell my services to was that they could not understand while my product cannot be seen with the naked eye. It was in fact a product that has value and a price tag. I so feel for consultants in my industry trying to explain this concept.

     Many times I have wanted to write about this issue to help educate others about using the service of a consultant and how every time they call upon a professional consultant to ask a question or gain information that will help them in their business; they are using the services without paying for them and causing a consultant to be in a peculiar situation and broke. In future post I will address “how to depict your services for hire”; but for now let’s just get your name out there as a consultant who is for hire.

     There is no shame to you as a service provider for advertising the task you can complete on their behalf that will ultimately save them time and effort so they can do what they do best in their own store.  Make it clear that what you have to offer is the knowledge you have gained while you have performed various transactions, task, duties, and so on for businesses who use the information to propel their product store to success.

      Get client testimonials that say things like, “Michelle did X for me and now I have accomplished X because of it”. Or, “Michelle contacted X on my behalf and I sold X to them”. I could go on and on with examples of things that I have done/ performed/ shared info that resulted in the client’s profit in some form or fashion. I believe you understand what I am alluding to here because you as a consultant, speaker, PR Specialist, and service provider have performed the same type of services and had trouble getting paid for them. Let people know what your product is and that you are for hire to help them increase their business by performing for them from what you have learned, researched, experienced, and made a profit because of applying the solutions you have proven. IF you don’t define it for them you will lose the sale.

     If you are in need of a consultant please send me a note at Contact@ExceptionsToTheRules.com Some of my services are listed on my website under Service Description http://www.exceptionstotherules.com/services-descriptions.html

     If you don’t see the service you need listed; contact me to inquire. If I am not able to perform a particular service for you; I am certain I will know a consultant, Speaker, PR Specialist who can.

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