The Golden Rule increases your bottom line- Principles of yester years still work today-see how here

It's ROI

Return on Investment (“ROI”)

That’s what we all want to hear- how much profit will this one action bring.

What’s my return? 

What’s the fruit that my labor will produce?

Well my fellow business owner since you write your own paycheck in more ways than one, that is entirely up to you. So how much have you invested in implementing the golden rule? 

Since we were children we have been taught the basic principles of life and business from this one simple verse “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

While we may have heard it come across in a thousand different ways and clichés; it still rings the same bell- “what goes around comes around”. 

In business we hear- “If you want to make money you got to have money” – you think how does that relate to the golden rule?

This one simple rule, being applied to your business model, increases your bottom line and here’s how——-

When you apply the “Golden Rule” to your business model you get:

Increased Sales by offering a reliable product

Return on investment of time when you look ahead to the future possibilities your labor/presentation will bring.

A customer who remembers how you treated them when things didn’t go as planned.

Customer loyalty when you made good on a mishap

A solid reputation for providing excellent service

Referrals from current clients

Future projects from clients who used your service/product in past

Grace from  vendors for your business because you gave grace to another (its like you paid in so serendipity pays you back)

     So the next time you are writing your own paycheck,  so to speak , for your business,  remember the Golden Rule- for what you do will come back to you either good or bad. And that increases your ability to increase your bottom line for years to come. Ensuring your longevity and profitability by always practicing the Golden Rule.

Be encouraged, Be Blessed- Do Good- it will accumulate until the day comes when you need that same consideration.  Give Back 2 Pay Forward

Photos retrieved from bing By: HeavenScent, Presentation Advisors, A Cloud in my coffee

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