What you can find in brokenness- Success in your purpose

It is not until we fail that we are able to succeed. Have you ever heard that before?

More importantly, do you believe it?

      Today’s post is written to encourage you to keep trying to succeed and find your purpose; recognize that it is in your failures that greatness will arise.And truly what seems on the outside as a failure may in fact be the greatest gift that you and the rest of the world could receive.  

     It will be because of your  determination that you will be able to live your purpose and use your God-given talents and skills to help and improve the world as we know it today for a better tomorrow. Please don’t give up; you may be on the edge of a breakthrough for all mankind. Keep working on that idea that burns inside of you. Realize that everything you are doing is heading towards a success that will eventually have a payoff. When the time is right.

     One of my favorite successful people to look upon when I need encouragement to fuel my passion for business and life in general is Thomas Edison with his famous quote:

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”, Thomas Edison

      Even though this man was told as a child that he was dumb and would not amount to anything he kept trying new things to make his idea come to life. Had he given up his dream to be successful in what he was making . We all would have been left in the dark for who knows how long. I don’t recall that anyone else of his time was in the same business as he was, do you? 

     I mean seriously, does history say he had any competitors? While many of us have the same goals in mind and sometimes are even selling the same products to our customers. We all do it with a different approach and we reach a different demographics based on our own desires, passion, goals, dreams, intellect, knowledge, and experiences. So who’s to say if you give up today what it may cost the rest of the world because you couldn’t see your success in your brokenness and you weren’t willing to make the sacrifices to forge ahead.  Finding your success will most likely come from something that you first tried and it didn’t work. Thing is, you have to be able to see that is was what you did wrong that will help you find what to do right.

     I could give thousands of examples of business men and women who have not gotten it right the first time. Or who have unfortunately, just not been discovered yet.  But had they given up on themselves and their business during any of the processes they had to go through. We would never know what true greatness they represented and they would have never realized their purpose in life. And that my friend is true failure.

Keep reading for more inspiration and encouragement to find your purpose and success in your brokenness.Another of my favorites is Abraham Lincoln

Photo by E. Michelle Lee "We The People"

He had to work to support his family after they were forced out of their home. 1816

His mother died. 1818

Failed in business. 1831

Was defeated for legislature. 1832

Lost his job and couldn’t get into law school. 1832

Declared bankruptcy, and spent the next 17 years of his life paying off the money
he borrowed from friends to start his business. 1833

Was defeated for legislature again. 1834

Was engaged to be married, but his sweetheart died and his heart was broken. 1835

Had a nervous breakdown and spent the next six months in bed. 1836

Was defeated in becoming the speaker of the state legislature. 1838 Was defeated in becoming elector. 1840

Was defeated for Congress 1843

Was defeated for Congress. 1846

Was defeated for Congress again. 1848

Was rejected for the job of Land Officer in his home state. 1849

Was defeated for Senate. 1854

Was defeated for Vice-President — got less than 100 votes. 1856

Was defeated for Senate for the third time. 1858

Was elected President of the United States 1860

At what point do you think he should have, could have given up? 

Here’s a bigger question, at what point would you have given up?

     Now back to thinking like the entrepreneur you are with the spirit of a giant and passion of a lion as you were designed to be.  Think out of the box and answer this question to yourself. Imagine what our world today would be like had Abraham Lincoln given up?  At any point during his career and longing for success in the purpose that burned in his belly if he had stopped trying where would we be?

     I encourage you to keep on hot pursuit of your dreams and your endeavors in life and your business. What you design today in your broken attempts could be the very thing that brings you to greatness.

Here is an article I found that recognizes 50 other people with stories just like yours and mine. Read them. Let them inspire you and motivate you to keep on trying.

“Everything happens for a reason, it is my job and duty to seek its purpose, and find a solution” E. Michelle Lee 1995

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