Beauty is in the eye of the beholder- you see it first from the inside out when you’re standing in front of the mirror

We are our own first set of “eyes of the beholder” to see ourselves as beautiful or with displeasure .

Beauty is not just skin deep; we know this to be true. So, would somebody please tell our minds to stop creating an ugly image in our heads because when our own eyes  gaze upon us and we beat ourselves up for one imperfection or anther we damage that which is  within us because of the image we see in the mirror.

     Just like this little girl depicted in this classic Norman Rockwell portrait; we women check ourselves out in the mirror before we go anywhere or do anything. And that is the norm.  Look at how the young girl is checking herself to see how she measures up to the picture of the woman in the magazine. Does that remind you of someone? Well, what do you think? Do you think she thinks she measures up? Look at the worried expression on her face.

     Sad but true women are self defeating when it comes to their own beauty. Not because they want to be. But because since the beginning of time the outward beauty of a woman has a high rating system by those who see us and either approve or disapprove of us based our on shape, size, skin tone, apparel, shoes, adornments, and most of all our HAIR.

We have learned from different cultures, religions, and nationalities that our hair is our sign of our testimony, beauty, strength, health, wealth, and unfortunately our acceptance in various settings.  And when you don’t have HAIR; you feel like an outcast and so not beautiful.   Do you remember when you were a little girl and you wrapped that towel around your head so you could swing your hair . I do. Having hair then was fun. No reason you shouldn’t have it now.

     Don’t worry, you can fix that just like anything else that we  women can fix these days about our appearance when it doesn’t suit our lifestyle. If it is affecting you inside then you need to fix what you see on the outside. Not because of what society says is the norm, but because of how it affects you and how you feel about yourself.

     So when we look in the mirror before heading out for our day; it is no wonder that we judge ourselves harshly if we ourselves are not confident of how our appearance looks. Starting with the crown of our head down to the soles of our feet, if it doesn’t make us no reason to let it break us. Because when we are not happy with how we look, we beat ourselves up so bad inside that we not only feel ugly from the outside but we begin to act ugly from the inside as well. If you want to feel more confident about yourself  and the way you perceive how you look, let’s find a solution.

So what’s the solution for this?

Take this test and then keep reading how important it is for you to take the best care of you so that you can take the best care of others who depend on you to be happy from the inside out. 

Can you read the last line for me please? Now keep reading to see the answer of who’s eyes are best to judge your beauty.

     YOU are the beholder. How you see and feel about yourself affects everything that you do. For centuries women have been fixing their eyes, nose, boobs, waistlines, and coming in at the number one spot; their hair!  Our hair defines us in so many ways whether you want to admit it or not. Just as much, if not more, as our weight does. And since I have had issues of my own with both of those; I intend on speaking freely here. Hope you don’t mind. 🙂

     My first career, many moons ago, was my being a hair stylist. I was so creative when it came to coiffures, color, perming, and the whole nine yards.  I just utterly loved doing people’s hair and making them smile when I was done.  It was the one thing I knew most anyone could afford to make themselves feel better instantly when they were blue and in need of a new doo.

     But, like me, there was always one group of women that I couldn’t do much for their hair; to enhance their look and raise their confidence level. People like me with thinning hair and some who were worse off because they really had no hair or had lost their hair due to Alopecia; truly have their challenges.Not having enough hair is far more debilitating than the frustration of having too much. And the fear of losing what you have is even worse.

     I remember when I was in beauty school I hated it when we were required to let other students work on our hair. Because, I knew my fine hair that had started thinning due to having multiple surgeries was no easy crown to contend with. And if you left me in perm for more than 10 minutes because you didn’t see that S pattern in thin hair; my hair would be fried when you unwrapped me. Thinning hair is something you have to learn how to manage the moment it starts thinning for the only alternative then was a hopeful, good wig.

     But now a day’s there are so many other options for women’s hair loss.  Although, I have to admit, not many of them are safe. But the one that we will discuss here in the coming days; is safe and effective.

     As a person with thinning hair I am excited to try this new fix for thinning hair. As a veteran stylist I am pleased to announce it doesn’t involve injections or have harmful side effects for women. Combined , I am ecstatic  about how it is restoring women’s confidence and ability to increase their performance levels and reach their goals because they now have HAIR and they look incredible when they look  in the mirror at their new hair and smile.

     A woman’s hair is her glory. Her crown. Of course you need to take care of it from the inside out with nutrition, the right products, and how you treat it everyday.  But what do you do when you just don’t have enough?  You add more.

     Imagine that, a hairstylist giving you hair instead of taking it away.  Anything is possible when you dream and are willing to do all you can do to be the best you in the eye of the beholder. YOU

Now Behold This:

    Check out the Lemetric System founded by Elline Surianello in New York. Elline has a passion for helping women restore their confidence by giving you back your hair. Whether you need a full head of hair or you need a fashion piece, shes got it and each piece is customized!

    I have a big surprise for you! So mark your calendars for January 18th, 2012. Elline is coming to Ohio at the JBentley Salon. You can meet and greet with her and see her in action doing my hair and another gals hair with the Lemetric System! Stay tuned to this channel for more details.


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