“What IF” – I was reminded today what this could do for our world

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“Everything happens for a reason, it’s our job and duty to seek its purpose and find a solution”. (E.M.Lee 1995)


     Today I was reminded that no matter how hard my own life seems there are others who have it much worse than I.After loosing my prestigious job as the VP of an international IT company back in 2009 to this fallen economy; life has had its  challenges to say the least. There have been times that even I, motivational speaker, blasting mouth piece would not even talk about.

     There are many others out there just like me who have had these struggles and are doing all they can to overcome. And still it is not enough at times to just make it through. But never to fear the Good Lord is near. Do what you want to do, but do all you can because that is what is expected of us all. And even when you find yourself at wits end, help somebody else for they may have it worse off than you.  We never know what may be the breaking point for another person. They may not be as strong as some of us. So even when we are hurting; we should still take the time to help others. Because that’s what we are supposed to do. It’s the right thing.

     My grandpa, Tom Lee, always used to say, “don’t complain about the shoe’s you are wearing, thank God you are not like another man who has no feet”.  How often, we are so likely, to complain, about the what we don’t have instead of being thankful for what we do have. Too often if you ask me, just saying.

     Today, I am thankful for what I do have and I pray to God for the things I don’t have for He knows my need is greater than I can handle alone. I am grateful that I have Him to turn to when no one else will stand for me. For He is always there in my times of trouble.

     If you know someone is hurting and has a need that they cannot fill; reach out to them with one hand just like the message of this song says. What if we reach with just one hand- imagine the world we live in could be a better place by your reaching with just one hand to help another!

     Be encouraged, encourage yourself. When you have done all you can, PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens).

One response to ““What IF” – I was reminded today what this could do for our world

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