It’s NOT FREE- A bartering exchange is not giving your stuff away for free

It is 1 of the best marketing and advertising tools you could use for a fraction of the cost of what you spend on business cards.

     One of the biggest challenges I experience when sharing this solution to business owners through Exceptions Barter Exchange is: overcoming their perception that using this method means giving their stuff away for free.

     Exceptions Barter Exchange is by no means asking you to give your stuff away from free. In fact it is on the very opposite end trying to help prevent you from discounting, promotional wasting , and losing your profits to give- a- ways that do not have a profitable return on your investment.

     Today, you will learn from this post that you are not giving away your products and services by using a formal barter exchange to: market and advertise your services and products, gain new cash paying customers, move inventory that’s not currently moving, save your cashflow from overhead cost, and so much more.      You decide how you want to grow your business. If cashflow is of no concern to you and you don’t need new cash paying clients. Then stay where you are in your Fixed Mindset that bartering exchanges is for one on one trade and offers you no value or forces you to give your products and services away for free.

     If you are an entrepreneur and have the spirit and Growth Mindset to learn about new trends of business then start changing your mindset about bartering exchanges and follow the post to learn how you can add this to your business model for higher returns in 2012.

First you need to examine the facts. The perception in your mind that you have developed based on your current knowledge of the term and concept of bartering .  When you think of bartering, I bet you think of your sandwich for my sandwich. And you are right that is the basic concept of bartering. But it is not the complete concept behind a formal bartering exchange.

     The goal of using a formal bartering exchange solution like the Exceptions Barter Exchange is to expand that one on one trade to network trading. Meaning if you sell your stuff on a barter exchange to one company you do not have to purchase that same companies stuff. You may have no interest in what they have to offer. Therefore, you sell your stuff at the same price you would sell to cash paying clients, to that particular business and then you bank the barter dollars into your account. Then when you find something that you need to purchase; you have the alternative currency in your Exceptions Bank account to buy those services or goods.

So let’s get to the part where you think it is FREEly giving away your stuff. 

      Ok, just imagine for a moment you are standing in front of your vendor making your next order for your shop for let’s say for the sake of conversation; printing supplies. Stay with me now. You are going to pay cash to Mr. Copier for his products. Is he going to buy your stuff? Are you going to to get any business from him? Is he a potential customer? No chance for that on a simple cash sale; most likely. But had you done that in a barter exchange, he could be more likely to become a new customer.

     For you see the point of being in the barter exchange far exceeds just making a one time sell. It is an automatic marketing and advertising tool that you are able to use to gain new cash paying clients that you meet through the barter exchange. Whether you pay Mr. Copier in cash or in barter dollars fact s you have to pay the retail price to get the stuff you need to operate your business. Bartering enables you to take that interaction to a whole new level and gain a customer from it. So how is it free?  You need a product, Mr. Copier has it, you spend Barter Dollars you earned from selling your stuff to another customer that you gained from being a member in the network of the exchange.

     The Exception Barter Dollars that you have in your account came from a new customer you would not have known had you not been in the exchange.  So in essense you got some free advertising from just being a member and now you have a new customer to sell your products too. Are ya with me still?

     Let’s go a step beyond that. How much do you spend on advertising? How much do you spend on marketing. Be sure to include those lunches you go to with prospects. Or those networking meetings you go to and some times have to pay parking, always spending gas money, and sometimes spending your cash on purchasing brochures, business cards, and such for advertising your business to new clients. When you tally all of that up for just one month; how much is it? I would venture to say it is more or at least about the same as what it will cost you to become a member of the Exceptions Barter Exchange. Now mind you, becoming a member only cost a one time fee. Doing all the marketing that you do through out the year continues to cost you money- a.k.a CASH.

      But yet when you sell your products and services through the Exceptions Barter Exchange, you get dollar for dollar retail value to spend on things you’re already buying from your vendors. So now, tell me again, how is it free? Giving your products away? It’s not. It’s gaining so much more from a transaction than just the face value of money. It is an alternative currency that affords you the ability to save your cash, gain new customers, and market your products.

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