Circumstances- Today’s snapshot is not your future; Unless You: “Let it be”<<See the riddle?

Many great accomplishments have come from adverse circumstances in the lives of people who chose to see the opportunity in the midst of adversity.

Let this post encourage you to examine your circumstances for your next great achievement. Who knows, your circumstance could birth the next advancement for human kind.

     Often times through the trails of my life I would jokingly say, I am the Queen of “pick yourself up by the bootstraps” and I wouldn’t know what to do if something weren’t going array everyday. That was the only way I could truly deal with whatever was happening in my life at the moment was by making up silly little sayings and grabbing onto visuals that inspired me to hold on.

     It was not until I got older that I truly understood why we experience adversity in our lives. Some of us more than others seemingly experienced it on a daily basis. I learned as I looked back over those circumstances to seek answers for life’s newest hurdles;  that if it had not been for the circumstances in my life I would be oblivious to many things and would not have the knowledge base to draw upon when unexpected challenges would again arise.

              “Life is our boot camp for the journey” will you get your stripes, go awall, or “let it be”?

One of my favorite sayings that has kept me a many a times through troubles and trails is this:

            “Everything happens for a reason, it is my job and duty to seek its purpose and find a solution” (E.Michelle Lee 1996)

Read more to uncover the riddle “Let it be”

I am sure that you have heard someone say, “will you just “Let it Be””? 

And then there have been times that you have heard, “well, if you “Let it be” then that’s what it will be”.

     So now is the time for you to chose, Which will it be?  Will you “Let it Be” and leave it alone allowing it to destroy you? 


     Will you not accept your fate  as  circumstances are telling you with today’s snapshot and not “Let it Be” your future by doing something about it?

     If you are facing struggles today that would have you just sit back and do nothing because it just seems to big to deal with.

Here is my tip to you,

      Surround yourself with uplifting music, posters, vision boards, people who support you, quips and quotes. Whatever it will take for you to “Pick yourself up by the bootstraps” and move forward. Even if you have to close your eyes and take that first step. Take it, whether you like it or not.

     Don’t take it sitting down, don’t just “Let it Be” without a fight. Do all that you can do to help yourself. And when you have done all that you can do and all else fails, PUSH- (Pray Until Something Happens)

“IF you knew how dark my world was, You would Wonder how I shine so brightly” E. Michelle Lee (2011)

One response to “Circumstances- Today’s snapshot is not your future; Unless You: “Let it be”<<See the riddle?

  1. Beautifully written Michelle. It’s so important to remember that whatever the condition, it’s only temporary and that what we see with our natural eyes is only an illusion and totally contradicts what’s happening in the spiritual world.

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