Do you have all the cash you need to operate your business? IF not let me show you how to get what you need with what you have to offer

When you don’t have cash to buy the things you need to run your business what do you do?

You use what you have to get what you need till you get to where you need to be to earn enough cash to support your business. Now that didn’t take rocket science for me to figure out. If it had, I may have been in trouble. Really its common sense. Right?

     In today’s economy it has been said that cash can no longer be considered king because it is no longer readily available. If you are aware of a brick and mortar bank that will just shell out the monies you need for production or at least to keep the lights on, trucks on the road, or inventory on your shelves; please by all means, do tell.  Because the rest of the country is out here jumping up and down and screaming; we need cash now to keep the business open and running.

     Yet when presented with a viable solution that a multitude of businesses are using and economist are saying will  ignite this economy; you step back and say, “oh , I dunno”.  One must wonder if you really have the makings of the true entrepreneur who is willing to step out of the box and think quick on your feet to secure your own future and the longevity of your business.

     If you are waiting for a special delivery of cash in a box so you can get the tools, services, products, and customers you need for your business. You may be waiting a while longer. But if you are ready to increase your buying power and customer base with an open mind then you should keep reading to see how you can get the stuff you need for your business without cash.

     Here’s my gift for you, hold on to this box and keep reading because what I am offering you is just as good as what is in the box, if not better.


     First, lets add up where you are currently spending your cash. Take this worksheet and write down in the spaces provided your expenses. Exceptions purchase worksheet- How much are you spending Cash in these areas

   Now, if money were no object and you were told you could have anything you need for your business that would help you; what would it be? Write it down on a piece of paper.

Here’s what we are going to do:

     Write down for the next month all of the time slots you have available to sell. If you sell products and have inventory that needs to move, write it down. Put a price tag on everything. NO discounts, full retail value. Add it up.

     Now lets look at that expense sheet you filled out. Does the two match? Can you afford your expenses if you sold what you have?

     What is the likelihood of your selling all of those items this month? Are customers banging down your door to buy your product and/or service?  Are you at full capacity? Everything you have has a customer name on it?

     Then here is what you do to make them match. You take what you have available and you list it on the Exceptions Trade Floor as a member of our B-2-B barter exchange. You sell those items and/or service appointments at full retail value to other small business owners who need them to operate their business. And then you turn around spend your earnings with other businesses in the exchange who offer the services and products you need that is listed on your expense sheet. Now do they match? Now you have cash flow where there seemed to be no cash.

     A formal barter exchange like the Exceptions Barter Exchange is not one on one barter. The concept is there, yes. But the constraints of having to purchase from the same business that bought your stuff is not. When you earn dollars from selling your stuff to one member you do not have to shop with that member for their stuff. Simple as that.

     Are you losing or giving it away. No way. In fact whatever you earn, you have to report as earned income to the IRS. We are IRS compliant and we issue you a 1099B at the end of the year.  Whatever you spend in the Exceptions Barter Exchange on your business is also deductible just as if you had spent cash. But since you don’t have cash to spend and your sheets (expenses, income) aren’t matching up; this is an alternative to where cash is not king but flow is. 

     The solution I am offering is not new. But it is a viable way for you to get what you need with what you have. IF you haven’t checked the news lately and are unaware of using this method. Run a Google search. Type in any of the following and you will see Exceptions Barter Exchange is your new bank where cash is not required.

Google searches to run:    Wall Street Journal Bartering, CNN Money Bartering, CBS Weekend Report Bartering

Don’t be another business that goes under because you don’t have cash flow to stay afloat or expand. Try it, before you close your mind. You will be pleasantly surprised. IT WORKS!


Find your Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow hope for a better tomorrow is here at Exceptions Barter

Supporting the needs of Small Businesses

The Exceptions Barter Exchange was created for the small business owners here in Ohio to make their bartering experience affordable and profitable for growth and to encourage #ShopLocal. While we promote ShopLocal; we are connected to thousands of other business owners in different barter exchanges across the US, Canada, and several other countries.   I would like for you to take a look at our website and consider listing with us.  We offer a solution for businesses to sell their un-booked time slots and excess inventory or products at full retail price through trade.

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