Part 3 of 3 part series: Reflections for perfection-one step forward at a time in 2012.

The day has finally arrived to put into motion your 2012 plan for changes that last all year through!

If you have not yet made a plan to change and improve the outcome of this new year;  please read part 1 and part 2 of this 3 part series and then come back here to part 3 for the finishing touches.

     This investment of your time is well worth it to ensure your success for 2012 and to keep you motivated and committed to making the changes in your personal and business daily operations that will improve your expected outcome for a more prosperous year.

Change Comes When you Don’t Give Up

      Now that you have your plan all lined out from going through Part 1 and Part 2 of this series to make all the wonderful accomplishments that you are going to achieve in 2012. Let’s check your motivation for these changes.For it is the motivation A.K.A. reason/ agenda, behind your thought out list of to do’s that is the fuel to the flame and security for real change. 

If you can’t answer to yourself the following questions; then we had better re-evaluate what you wrote on your list.

Write a note beside each listed item explaining to yourself :

What is your reason(s) for wanting to do those things on your list?

What reward will you receive for accomplishing each item/ task on your list?

How will accomplishing each of these items change your life and/or your career/business bottom line?

OK, so it is clear, the items/actions you wrote down under the 3 categories of your list will help you improve your 2012 year-end results by providing you with X, Y, or Z.

For the finishing touches.

All that is left to complete your plan is the consistent motivating factor that will help you stay the course this year with your new goals and achievements. Start gathering visuals and audio motivational materials to stack the deck in your favor for making these changes.

Moments will come on days you feel least motivated to act on your daily requirements for achieving what you have written down. When those times come you need to be prepared with motivational materials that will keep you going when you don’t feel like going.

Example: When you want to lose weight and get down to particular size, buy a dress in that size and hang it up in your bedroom. Look at it everyday. Try it on once in a while. Till it fits!

Example: Make your Vision Board filled with a picture of all the things on the list you made as though you already have them. For instance, under the category Career/Business cut out a picture of some really fancy business cards/ brochures that you want to purchase for client prospecting. Hang that up to look at.

Example:  Under the category of Family; set an activity up to spend time with your family and actually put it on the calendar, send them an invitation via email or better yet, a hand written note reminder.

     Whether you know it or not, writing it down, looking at it, all constitute a better expectancy of it happening. These are considered motivational materials. Think out the box. Make a box, a board, whatever full of these things to use throughout the year as you stick to your path and stay committed to your New Years Goals.

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