Out with the Old in with the New; 2012 has come looking for you! Here’s how will you make it different this year?

2012 calls for more than just clichés or resolutions that only last for the first week of January.

Real Change is needed in order to change the end result, are you willing to try something different? If you are seriously ready to experience life with a whole new meaning and change your approach as well as your expected outcome; then keep reading.

     In my previous post about a week ago; The Day After- is it back to business as usual? Making 2012 plans for work that’s prosperous. I gave you the formula for making your plans for 2012 and how to keep you committed past the first week of resolution time. It’s a plan that ensures you make a habit out of all the things you want to be doing for the rest of the year for everyday living that will help you create a more prosperous year.  If you have not read that post yet, then do it now and come back to finish reading the next step in our three-part series: Reflections for perfection-one step forward at a time.

So we have determined that some of the things we did last year has not brought us any fruit from the seeds we planted and toiled.

Since we tried a bunch of things that did not work; we are now ready to try something new. Now is the time to let those things go and start planning how to incorporate our new list of things to accomplish.

     From your list that you created of all the things you will do on New Years day. Start practicing them as early as when the clock strikes midnight tonight, 12-31-2012. Well, as soon as you get that New Years kiss that is..

     Warning Warning ol’ cliché coming up: What you do on New Years is what you will be doing the whole year through— I am sure you have heard that before. Surely to goodness I am not the only one?

Check your list-

Did you include all 3 categories?

Did you list at least 3 things in each category?

     Have you written down what action you will take on New Years day that will help you practice? (If you have no clue what list I am talking about click here and then on the continue reading if the whole post doesn’t show on one page your instructions are located there)

     Here is the clincher, if you truly want things to be different this year and you are committed to making it past the first week of watered down resolutions. Start doing today what you want to get done all year-long. That is the only way you are truly going to make a difference in the outcome of your New Years Resolutions to be better, perform better, live better. You got the point right.

     Now hit that Launch Button and make a difference in your life as well as the lives you touch this upcoming, wonderful 2012 year of prosperous, targeted, diligently, practical living. Come back on January 1, 2012 for more on New Year living with a purpose, planning for prosperity, making a the changes stick all year through!

Photos by: 365 Days of the year, Christina Robertson, Deposit Photos, and those undisclosed to me or else I would have given them credit.

Small Business Owners doing things different in 2012 will consider this:


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