You’ve been given a solution; why aren’t you using it? Capital for 2012 awaits you- try it before you toss it

While you’re sitting there scratching your head trying to figure out how you are going to increase your sales, new customer base, bottom line, and buying power for growth and profits  in 2012. Have you considered this as an alternative?

      If you haven’t fully explored this idea and have taken the time to get the facts; then you are the one missing out. In this economy many others have considered it and are using this method to grow their business and secure their future. In fact over 457,000 business owners did so in 2010 and guess what, they increased their sales by, oh, just a mere, 12 Billion dollars.

     So stop scratching your head, open your mind and think out of that little box into a bigger box where the big boys play in 12 Billion dollars worth of profit and keep reading to increase your own opportunities to have the kinda buying power (A.K.A.Cash flow)  that you need for your business.

This is a surefire way to unlock your buying power and increase your ability to gain new cash paying customers while being able to purchase the items and services you need to run your business to a more profitable state in 2012. It has been tested, tried, and is true for businesses like:General Electric, Canon, Ricoh, Xerox, Wilson Sporting Goods, Mattel, IBM, Chrysler, Radisson, Ritz Carlton,Howard Johnson, Doubletree Hotels, and Goodyear Tire just to name a few.

     Now, if you are truly ready, to consider this for your business, with an open mind? And will not toss it before you try it; then I can share with you what those companies mentioned above have been using to:  expand, reach new customers, pay off past debt, and most importantly increase their buying power and profit in today’s market. Catch up now, to the trend of……

Here is the piece of the puzzle that you may not have considered as a viable way to do all of the above by securing it with your own products and services as collateral.       Companies who can think out of the box to higher profits are using a formal barter exchange to meet new customers, increase their buying power, expand their shops, purchase long overdue needed equipment, reward their employees, send thank you gifts to their clients, and so much more. Exceptions Barter Dollars are paving the way to doing business like we used to before the economy put us all at a halt.

      Don’t just take my word for it, check out this Wall Street Journal article by: reporter Rebecca Rothbaum where self-employed entrepreneurs are getting health care in trade for Art. Imagine that, a painting for Doctors care: Whoda thunk it?

      Or how about at videos? Here is an  interview with a San francisco Bay, California barter exchange where a member who owns a bistro gets a $75,000 dollar expansion banquet room on 100% trade, buys all of the bread and stuff he uses in his restaurant on trade as well. Watch for your self click on the link.

     I could go on and on where business owners are using barter exchanges all across the land to not only keep themselves in business but also expanding their businesses as well. Instead, I would much prefer telling you how Exceptions Barter Exchange can help you right here at home in Ohio.

      We are dedicated to helping small business owners here in Ohio who want to be more profitable and gain new customers in 2012. We have fresh ideas and perseverance coupled with our mission of 14 years to help others help themselves. Give Back 2 Pay Forward is a concept so misunderstood. IT IS NOT FREE NOR GIVING AWAY YOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES.

     What it is: Working for what you get by using what you have till you get to where you want to be. We are different from other exchanges. We know first hand what it is to be a small business owner without cash flow. We work hard every day to find the services and products you need. Because we have known the experience ourselves of not being able to get that new project, secure that new client, and the day-to-day challenges of being a small business owner; we are diligent and understanding of your needs. And we are bound and determined to fill them!

     Give us a try today. We have excellent services, affordable for  small business owners, to compete in today’s market. While we promote #ShopeLocal we are Global!

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