A Letter / Invitation to Michael DELL on behalf of Small Business Owners

Sent via Exceptions Blog Post

ATTN: Michael Dell

RE: Small Business Owners

Dear Mr. Dell:

     I am writing to you on behalf of small business owners who need solid, reliable, and up-to-date operating computer systems on their desk tops. While I do understand that there are many systems, makes, and models of choice in today’s market; I believe the Dell brand serves well to a large group of small business owners.

     I would like to invite you to consider joining the Exceptions Barter Exchange, an Ohio Barter & Trade designed with the small business owner in mind. By your allowing Dell to participate in this barter exchange; you will be providing small business owners, who may not otherwise have the opportunity, at this time, in their Cash Flow budget, to purchase a Dell computer for business use.

     While, I am certain you are fully aware of the credit/cash crunch experienced by today’s small business owners; I am equally certain that you are aware of the  benefits of a barter exchange’s ability to strengthen an economy that has weakened.  Dell can also benefit from it’s “good community relations” by its support of the small business owners in this exchange. By our working together to put the tools needed by start-ups and well established businesses alike; we can revive our economy by affording the small business owners to purchase Dell computers with this method.

     I hope that I have gotten your attention as I have thus far tried several other ways to contact the appropriate personnel in your company to no avail. I would like to request a time to further discuss this creative approach that I have taken to get your attention.

     Truly, I hope that you see this as a sincere desire and passion to help others get the services and products they need.  At the end of the day, this constitutes, America is working for what they get and expecting nothing for free. Fact is; this method enables them to be working and strengthening their position to increase their cash flow for future cash purchases from Dell.

     Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you soon as the needs of small businesses are ever-increasing to produce quality, computer generated work, in this fast paced, business environment, and age of the internet .


E. Michelle Lee, A small business owner, An Exception To The Rules

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