Exceptions Barter Exchange Seeks large corporations to support local small businesses growth

Calling ALL Companies with products and services that Small Business Owners Need and you want them to buy.

     In the coming days I will be contacting some of the companies represented by their logo’s in the collage above.  While it’s a great photo find at Bing.com it does not represent many of the needed products and services that I am seeking to include in the Exceptions Barter Exchange for  small business owners. But you got the idea right?  Big companies, that have stuff, that the little companies, need to grow their business, that will in the end, strengthen our economy.

     I image and even anticipate, that in the beginning many of the Inc 500’s  that I contact will laugh at me when I call upon them based on what I have thus far experienced. Because their employees have been trained to tell me, we don’t work with small business partners. It’s just too small for us. But you are welcome to go to our website and submit your idea into the obliss. They will reject my idea before they even listen to it just because it’s not BIG enough for them to consider. Now that’s a bad idea Big Boy. Here is why;

It is no secret to Inc 500’s and economic statistics that small businesses are the backbone of this country. They are the largest purchasers of the majority of the products and services of the sellers we are reaching out to; such as, but not limited to: Dell, Fed-EX, Office Max, Microsoft, IBM, Accountants, Lawyers, Doctors, Printers, and the rest of the essential service and product providers that are required to operate a small business’s daily operations.

     If you can get your products and services into the hands of the small business owners; they will come back for more. Over and over again as they increase and expand their bottom line they will have more buying power to purchase what you have to offer in CASH. That is what you spend all of that marketing budget on isn’t it? Advertising to small businesses so they will shop with you. 

Consider this idea to increase your bottom line with small business repeat purchases.Small Business Owners have no cash flow right now. They can’t even get a small loan from the bank to cover needed supplies and services necessary to perform for current clients much less new clients.

YOU, ALREADY know this, large corporate company, and that is why your whole ad campaigns have been changed to cater to reach the small business owner. And still yet, your sales are low and your own budgets are shrinking; because you can’t get your service/product into the hands of the small business owner. While you are scratching your head and wondering why; please let me, small business owner, help you make a change so that we can all keep thriving and growing our business.

Keep reading this post, it may be lengthy, but it is well worth your time and the increase to your bottom line to stop this domino effect,

OK, so by now , I have got your attention? You are listening to me, the small business owner trying to help other small business owners and you:

1) Sell your products

2) Increase small business productivity and buying power

3) Revive our economy through our backbone (A.K.A Small Business)

Great, now we’re talking “at the speed of business” in “real time”

So, here is how it works.

While I am out here talking to small business owners and finding out what they need, right now, to finish the job for a paying client or to gain a new customer. You , Big Boy, Inc 500 are standing by in the Exceptions Barter Exchange with the products and services that 9 times out of 10 they are telling me “this is what I need in order  to produce a professional product that a customer will buy”.

How does that benefit you? Here’s how:

First of all, you must know, that last year alone as reported by Wall Street Journal, CNN Money, CBS Weekend Report, and many others. The members of barter exchanges realized 12 billion in income from sales of their products and services. 75% of those members were Fortune 500 companies. (check the statistics for yourself, simply Google the above key terms)

PLUS: you too are earning dollar for dollar to spend and offset your cost of doing business by using Exceptions Barter Dollars for things you need to do in your local offices to keep making money.

Advertising- Your Exceptions Broker can help you find local, regional or national advertising opportunities to help your business.


Employee Benefits & Bonuses- Add to the benefits package by allowing your employees to use barter dollars for non-covered medical and dental expenses.  You can also set up sub accounts for your employees to reward them in barter dollars.
Client Thank-You Gifts- It is less expensive to keep a current client than it is to get a new client.  Why not say thank you to clients?  Not just at holidays but anytime – it’ll make their day.


Business Operations Improvements- How your business operates directly impacts sales and your bottom line.  Use your Exceptions Barter dollars to run special seminars for employees, put organization systems in to your operations, and find out how your employees really treat your customers and more.


Fun Days- Everyone needs a break now and then.  Whether it is treating your employees (and yourself) to in-office chair massages or having an office party or doing something wild and crazy, like horseback riding or fun day at the amusement park.  A fun day makes all the days better.  So use your barter dollars and have some FUN.


Vacation- Everyone needs a break – especially business owners!  Exceptions Barter will be offering everything from quick weekend getaways to week-long vacations in exotic destinations.  Our travel section will have available vacations.  We are building listings of available accommodations worldwide.  Remember, we are not a travel agency and therefore we need plenty of advanced notice to help you plan your getaway.


Personal Services- Haircuts, facials, massages to car repair to home improvement projects and everything in between.  Check with your Exceptions Barter Broker before spending cash on anything.


Professional Services- Successful businesses have a team of outside professionals like bookkeepers, accountants, attorneys and more helping them to run the company.  Why spend cash when Exceptions Barter will offer some of the finest professional services as members.

Simple case scenario:

     Small Biz Co A needs advertising materials for upcoming trade show. Company A does not have cash flow for the materials. But has barter dollars built up from providing their service/product to another small biz owner in the exchange. Fed Ex can sell the advertising materials to Company A on barter. Small Biz Company A now has materials, goes to trade show prepared and gains 3 new customers. Now Company A has CASH Flow to go back to Fed Ex with buying power for the next printing need of Company A. Fed Ex gets repeat business because Company A increased, therefore Fed Ex’s bottom line increased. Simply by helping Company A over the hump of NO CASH FLOW to expand. Got it?

Complex Case Scenario:

Company B (“B”) has just had a new client sign on after agreeing to her  proposal.  B needs to fly to the location of new client along with her employee who will be managing the product implementation. After returning home B realizes the job is bigger than she anticipated and needs to hire a new employee in order to deliver. Now she needs a new computer, extra desk, and a multitude of other products and services to make it happen.

the project is halted and she may even lose the new business she just gained because she can’t get what she needs, right now in real time. Why? Because look at all the cash expense involved to gain this new client and grow the business. Cash she doesn’t have and a brick and mortar bank won’t loan in this beyond conservative lending economic climate.

Now lets look at the bigger picture; which at the end of the day supports the recovery of our economy and the ability of small business owners having a cash flow to shop with you, Fortune 500, in the near future.

     For the sake of this article, let’s say B, has the barter dollars stored up in the Exceptions Barter Exchange to purchase all of the products she needs. That means, she has worked to gain those Exceptions Barter Dollars just like she would have worked to gain Cash dollars (as was reported to IRS on 1099B). She takes those Exceptions Barter Dollars and spends them with each of the providers she needed. She completes the project and gains the income that allows her to go after her next client. Now she needs different products and services and returns to YOU, Fortune 500, with CASH. That is the whole point of Bartering with good ethics, use what you have to get what you need to produce CASH flow buying power.

     In my Exceptions Barter Exchange using my philosophy and teaching to my members; I do not recommend that one of my assets (A.K.A. Fortune 500 companies) do continual barters with the same small business owner. The whole point to create a bridge to strengthen Cash Flow. Ex: If Molly Maid cleans Dr. Hoo Hoo’s house on barter this week, Molly Maid charges Dr. Hoo Hoo cash for next week’s service. Fair is fair.

  I am calling for Fortune 500 companies and others alike to join the Exceptions Barter Exchange to support the economic recovery of our country. Let’s put the tools and services our small business owners need in their hands today “at the speed of business” and in “real time” so that tomorrow they will have cash to spend.

      Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope your employee doesn’t laugh at me when I call upon YOU. Please reach out to me as it would be a quicker solution to the problem of Small Business Owners getting the tools they need to succeed and our economy regaining her strength.

Sincerely, E. Michelle Lee, Small Business Advocate and Owner of: (Please see the About Page- you will further understand the passion behind my mission to help others while helping myself)

“If you help enough people get what they want you will get everything in life you want” , Zig Ziglar


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