Breaking from Business as usual for the celebration of Christmas- Least we forget the meaning of life

The Forgotten Christmas Story Luke 2:1-20 (K J V) Click here

May this touch someone who has not known or who has forgotten the true meaning and purpose of life.

        As we business owners hustle and bustle to the beat of the drum of the commercialized portion of this  Sacred Season of Christmas. I hope you  STOP and try your best to think on these things: The meaning and purpose of life was given to us through the birth of Jesus, the savior of the world.

       While he was born to die as God’s gift to humanity for the ultimate sacrifice to save a dying world; we must not forget it is by the celebration of His birth that we have the Joy of Christmas with a thankful heart knowing the hope and peace of our evermore all rest with this sacred, sacred day of rejoicing brought to us compliments of God.

Shouldn’t we at least remember and teach our children the real meaning of Christmas?

         It was shocking to me  as I  thought about Amy Poehler’s , who was a guest on the Ellen show  last Friday, answer to Ellen’s question as to how she was going to explain the Christmas Story/season to her little boy who is 3 yrs old.  When she started out saying, ” I am just starting to tell the story of Christmas to them, which the first time you start telling it is hard …: the idea of Santa Clause living in the North Pole……”. OMG I thought, how sad. What will the next generation, coming up, do without knowing the true meaning of Christmas, the story of Jesus’ birth totally forgotten because of the big man in red. But in all fairness to Ms. Poehler, she is not the only one who see’s the Christmas Story as coming from the North Pole.

        How sad God must be, to look down at a people, who are so busy shopping and focusing on the big man in red, that they have forgotten whose birthday celebration it is. And worse the reason why it is so important for us to remember how The Christmas Story is supposed to be told.

       Now I have nothing against santa ,, don’t get me wrong. But when something tries to take the place of something so dear, so sacred and holy. It is wrong. How would you feel about any other matter of  preservation of  something dear to you? You protect lessor things with a vigorant passion. Why not Christmas?

So how do we preserve this sacred celebration before it becomes extinct? The easiest way and most preferred, is to tell the first Christmas Story ever told. How Mary espoused to Joseph went to Bethlehem…..

       Here is another way we can keep the story being told through symbols of love, hope, and peace. Just like the Christmas carol’s we sing.  The Legend of the Candy Cane. How precious this story is and how well it represents the true meaning of Christmas. The greatest gift of all. His life so that we may have life.

       Don’t let your children go through this season without knowing of the true story of  Christmas and the hope of Jesus. Tell them of the true meaning of Christmas and how it all came about. We teach our children not to lie, yet we are so willing to lie to them? Why

Click on the pic below, for a readable version of this story. Share it with those you love and keep Christmas sacred even though it may not be politically correct. Merry Christmas

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  1. Amen.

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