Business Etiquette- Validating Sales & Marketing Incoming Calls- Stop & Listen it may be your product/service they are trying to sell.

Business Etiquette- Professional Courtesy

What you don’t give you won’t get!

Remember the golden rule with the next Sales Call you get!

         We all have a job to do when it comes to sales and selling our products and services. How else are we to get new customers to come into our store or try our services. We may even hire someone to sell them for us  in newspaper ads, online postings, tweets, blog banners, magazines, or the ol reliable cold calling.

       How we treat those sales efforts is up to us and will determine how our sales tactics will be received. With each action we set the tone and trend for the next guy. Remember what goes around eventually does come around. And if we keep rudely turning those calls away, who’s going to listen when you try the same thing to sell your own stuff via outside sales?

      Learn how to validate an incoming sales call without being rude. Stop and listen to at least the introduction. You may even learn something including what you don’t want your sales people doing and what you do want them doing while being professional and courteous to others who are doing their job.

Read more to learn how you can quickly assess:

1) Is this person local or from a call center?

2) Is this something I need for my business now or in the future?

3) What did the sales call teach me about selling my own products via sales calls?

Read more here to get the answers and understand what you need to consider the next time you get the “Sales Call”.


The call finally gets to you. You are busy, have customers in your store and don’t have time at the moment to really take the call. What do you do?

You do what you would hope the other person would do if were you making the call to them: You give a professional courtesy; give them at least 2 minutes of your time so you can assess your needs to their offerings :

Tip: treat all calls this way and you won’t make a wrong call with how you respond. You may even get a new customer in the end.

1) Is this person a local business owner and potential customer or someone who may share how I treated them on the phone when they called? 

2) Do they have something that I may need?

3) What did they do right; what could they have done differently? What can I learn from them?

4) How do I want my people  to do sales calls ?

     In the first 30 secs of the call the person calling you should have :

           Told you who they are, where they are calling from and  ask you is now a good time to talk or at least ask when is a better time to speak with you if you told them NO now is not a good time? (When they do this in the first 30 seconds; you know they are validating the call and are interested in building a relationship B-2-B and not just trying to make their quota for the day).

          Now, that you have determined it is a sales call that is verifiable and you are still listening; they should tell you why they chose to call you. How they got your number on their call list today. If they don’t announce this you can assume they are trying to sell you something that they have no clue if you need it or not (be careful you know what assume stands for) . IF they are just doing their job with the list their employer gave them for the day, even so, don’t be rude.

          IF they appear to have knowledge of your business and needs, it should interest you to at least listen to them for they truly may have something that will help your business grow in some form or fashion by using their service and/or product. How will you know if you don’t listen? Simply ask them to call at another time least busy for you so that you can find out. Give them a specific time and keep it. This is your business reputation of customer service on the line now.

BY ALL MEANS DO NOT BE RUDE, it is not a becoming behavior to be rude or show the lack thereof of customer service whether on the receiving end or the giving for a professional person, especially a business owner who needs customer sales themselves .

Next time you get the “Sales Call” listen to hear the 30 seconds and then determine if it is a call you want to take later or if you have time, take it now. Remember they too have a job to do just like you. And if you want good things to come about for your future sales to new customers; you had better give today or you will pay tomorrow for your own actions. You never know where that person, who called you, may run into you by chance or be in a conversation unknowingly within your own network where your name comes up. What will they have to say about their interaction with you? How you treated them?

The art of sales calls being made and received will affect your bottom line. Make it an increase not a decrease. Be polite to others and others will be polite to you.

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