Making your plan for 2012 new customers- How will you reach them?

What’s your plan for reaching new customers this upcoming year?  Do you have one? Have you even thought about it yet? Well, don’t you think you should start thinking about it now?

If you’re not, don’t worry your competitor is!

Checking your list and checking it twice is a common thread for many folks right now in the midst of all the Christmas commercialized hustle and bustle. Retailers are loving it up now; but, what will they do with all that stuff when the consumers are gone home to celebrate with their families and shopping is done? 

The Big Boys (i.e. Corporate Chain Stores) will discount it to cost or below because they can do it that way and still come out ahead. However, small business owners really can’t afford to lower prices that much with their products.

Here’s what you do.

Use your 2011 left over products to meet new customers in 2012.

Add a  new segment to your business model this year, bartering. Don’t lose the opportunity to meet new customers because you’re not sure how it works. Over 457,000 businesses last year alone in the USA utilized bartering to sell their products, services, and gain new CASH paying clients according to IRTA, Wall Street Journal, CNN Money, and many other trusted sources of news and information for the retail industry.

Let the Exceptions Barter Exchange show you how to save your cash flow, sell your products and services, and most of all gain new cash paying customers in 2012. We can be a part of your plan for gaining new customers. We are here to help you; we are your partner to succeed.

For the First 10 to sign up, complete their membership application and payment at before January 1- 2012 $50.00 off regular price

USE Code: 4Christmas or put in my name Michelle Lee where it ask referred by:


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