A Way when there seems no way. Small Business Owners getting the things they need to succeed.

You’ve got to think out of the box

Times are hard for all business owners and they are even harder for small business owners who are just starting out or trying to grow their business.  Constantly seeking cash flow, new customers, more efficient ways to do business on a shoestring budget. So what do you do?

You learn to use what you have to get what you need. You think out of the box.

         For many years now, as I have sat on various committees and focus groups for business development and growth; I have heard the request of business owners who need products and services to sell their products and services.

              About a year ago, I had set out on a journey, to find a solution for entrepreneurs, that would encompass my concept of Give Back 2 Pay Forward and expand my ability to help those who were willing to help themselves through the working of their own two hands. Low and behold, I found a solution, yet, when presented to others as here’s a means to an end; the response is cluttered with the I dunno’s.

          Folks, we have got to think out of the box to propel ourselves forward in this economy with our businesses. If you want to know how you can do this, right now, starting today; then read more and open your mind to the possibility that this may be the answer to getting the stuff you need to operate and further your business to reach the customers you so dearly want to service with your business offerings.

              Albert Einstein, once said, that he did not fail multiple times when creating the lightbulb, he merely tried 10,000 things did not work. Aren’t you so glad he kept trying something new, something different, and something more, until he succeeded?  I am , because it kinda shed some light on things, no punt intended. Read on  ……..

         As a business owner you have to be creative in order to keep cash flowing while you are in hot pursuit of gaining new customers to buy your products, your service, your brand, and most importantly you over the next biz on the block that has the same thing to offer.

         You already know that it does take money to make money and when you don’t have cash flow it slows down the production line. You have to buy this or that in order to get the job done. Think of the last project you did. Make a list of everything that you used in order to make it happen. Long list huh? Now see if you can tally how much it cost you. Whether you had those things on hand already or not doesn’t matter they still had a price to pay. What was the retail value of all that was used to produce the professional end result that your customer expected?

         Now let’s think about the project you had to pass up because you knew you did not have what you needed to deliver the customers expectation on time and well done.  With that in mind, what would you say to always having what you need when you needed it for customers?  I would say, woot woot, I am going to succeed with each new customers request that I can supply the demand on time. Because I know that every time, I make a customer happy with the end result; I will gain more business from that customer and their referrals.

            That’s why I use barter and save my cash flow so that I can get what I need with what I have to offer. Supply and demand is always there consistently and I don’t have to worry that the brick and mortar bank is going to give me a LOC or not.

          Don’t you think it’s time for you to “Think out the box” and have what you need?  IF you agree that you could use more cash flow in your business so you can gain more customers; then you need to contact Exceptions Barter Exchange now and try a different kind of bank to get what you need to your customers.


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