Exceptions Barter Exchange: What makes us different, Why we do what we do; our story for His Glory

Exceptions Barter Exchange, Owner/Broker Michelle Lee shares insights on what makes Exceptions Barter Exchange different from the rest.

You could choose from an array of barter exchanges all over the USA and abroad. The reason to choose Exceptions Barter Exchange is this: we have personally been where you are and want to go where you want to go, UP. We know first hand what’s it’s like to need stuff for our business to succeed and couldn’t get it, that caused us to miss out on an opportunity, to get a new client, simply because we didn’t have the materials we needed to perform.

That’s the fuel behind our fire and commitment to help others get the tools they need to succeed in their personal and professional pursuits. Our mission for over 14 years has been to teach others to Give Back 2 Pay Forward, be wiling to work for what you get, and to use what you got till you get what you want while along the way appreciating all the blessings you get whether you deserve them or not. That is the making of a successful person in life and in business.

You can rest assured that the Exceptions Barter Exchange brokers and sales people will work their very hardest on getting you the tools, materials, services, products, and what ever else it is that you need to run, operate, and grow your business.

Together We work Together we Achieve

When we work with our clients to help them get the stuff they need; it’s a partnership with a mission. We don’t just sign you up to make the commission on your purchases and sales. We sign you up to help make you a success story in your own right. Knowing that we have made a small contribution to the betterment of our world because we have helped you grow in your business is our true payment. That’s why we work to create B-2-B relationships that count.

If you need a service, a product, or anything that we can provide; please let us know. We want the opportunity to help you get the stuff you need. We only ask that you be willing to pay for what you need with what you have to sell.  That’s the essence of barter.

Give Back 2 Pay Forward until this point has been so misunderstood by many whom we have previously approached to help small business owners grow. It is NOT FREE, NOT charity, NOT losing your profit.

IT IS: Being prudent, willing to give equal value for what you want, learning best business practices, opportunities to meet new customers, a method to overcome current economic challenges, and so much more.

Exceptions Barter Exchange is different, come and let us show you the difference. We are your partner and will help you get the things you need by helping you sell the things you have on hand.


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