Businesses SAVE your cash- Bartering is not giving it away learn more at Exceptions Barter Exchange

Bartering is far from giving your services and products away for free and it is NOT haggling your prices down.

It is however, getting products and services you need or want by using the products and services you have in place of cash.

It is no secret that our economy has been on the rocks for some time now and many small businesses have actually gone out of business because they do not have the cash flow to maintain operations.

Exceptions Barter Exchange is here to change that. We know first hand what it’s like to lose a customer because you don’t have the stuff you need to operate your business. Oh you have time on your hands and products on your shelf, but what you don’t have is the cash flow to get those products and services in the hands of the customer. That’s where we come in.

Read more here how Exceptions Barter can help you get in front of new customers starting today.

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Let’s say you find out about a networking opportunity that will be profitable for you to attend to get your business services/products out there to potential customers. You realize you don’t have any materials (i.e. brochures, signs, business cards) to show  or share. People these days want something in writing that is professional and credible.

So, you check your budget/cash flow to get company materials ready only to realize some other overhead cost is currently due and you don’t have available funds to purchase the materials you need. But what you do have is 3 hours next week that are not booked for appointments and 10-15 of your books that you could sell at full retail price. So how do you turn those unbooked hours and unsold books into cash?  You put them on the Exceptions Trading Floor .

You now have buying power from selling what was sitting on the shelf and is now into new customers hands. Plus, you have now gained a new customer through bartering and they have the experience with you which has been rewarding for them. So, they begin to tell their customers, friends, and family who are not members of the exchange and network, about you and your business and products.  So not only have you been able to purchase the products you need for the networking opportunity next week; you now have exposure to more customers.

Exceptions Barter Exchange is about so much more than a one on one opportunity. Today’s businesses are learning to barter to not only gain new customers but to save their cash flow for things they can’t barter.


AND GET IN THE KNOW, when you’re ready, just click on Join Now and we will help you get the products and services you need with the product and services you have to offer.

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