Need a Line Of Credit Small Business Owner? Get it here at Exceptions Barter Exchange

Exceptions Barter Exchange offers a Line of Credit (“LOC”) to members who need products and services now.

So, the brick and mortar bank told you no LOC is available for your business. Don’t worry we can help you! The Exceptions Barter Exchange an Ohio Trade and Barter organization can lend you a line of credit.

Yep, that’s right we offer LOC’s. Can you believe it? A barter exchange that can lend you the funds  to get the service and products you need to grow your business. 

Do you need business cards?

Do you need a website?

Do you need an accountant?

Do you need an attorney?

Do you need a new oven for your kitchen?

What do you need for your business?  Let us help you get the things you need with a LOC in the Exceptions Barter Exchange.

To find out more send us a message on our contact form at WWW.EXCEPTIONSBARTEREXCHANGE.COM

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