Banks Say NO WE say YES; Learn how to get the flow you need without CASH

Is the Bank telling you NO?

Yes, small business owner they will emphatically tell you——- NO CASH FLOW

All to often small business owners chase their tail looking for CASH to grow their businesses; especially the newbies. I’ve been there done that! Stood in the long lines of small business loans, waited the 1-2-3- months to get an answer; only to be told NO by the banks. We don’t loan on ideas or consultants, or products we can’t keep. Those are non tangible assets and we can’t give a loan for that. OK, we understand. NO Problem. WE are the innovators and the backbone of business; we can come up with a way to succeed no matter what.

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Read more here how you can get the tools, products, services, materials, and more to sustain and/or grow your business without spending your limited CASH Flow

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When you need stuff to operate your business and can’t get it; it could cost you your business momentum. And worse, it could put you out of business. Going to the bank is not an option for small business owners most often in today’s world of conservative banking. If you want to grow or start you business in these economic treacherous times you had better come up with creative ways to get the tools, services, products, and just plain ol operating expenses you need. Be as creative as you were to start the business in the first place. Use your out of of the box ingenuity to get the tools of your trade that in the end gets that new client to sign up with you!

Here’s how you do it:

You can get the stuff you need to operate your business through a different kind of bank. It’s an alternative currency. Bartering your goods and services at FULL retail price to get the goods and services you need; paying full price just like cash customers. It is NOT FREE.  In fact the IRS views Exceptions Barter Dollars being spent just as if it were cash dollars and you are required to file it with them at tax time. That’s why we have to issue you a 1099b. So you can claim the income you earned and the Exception Barter Dollars you spent as deductions for your businesses expenses.

The added bonus to you the business owner is that you gain new CASH paying clients out of the whole deal while you get the things you need to operate your business. The whole point in fact of bartering is to get the tools to succeed and bring along cash paying clients as the icing on the cake.

When you join our network of small business owners for the Exceptions Barter ; your business services and products are exposed to a whole new demographic of clientele that you would not have otherwise been privy too. Those members then do business with you as you become a trusted member of the exchange and then they turn around and start recommending you as someone they have done business with to their clients, family, and friends outside of the network. Those become your new CASH paying clients.

See how it works now? WOW,, come learn more at We are here to help you get the goods and services you need with the goods and services you have to sell.

Contact us for a consultation, tell us what you need. We will help you get it when the Bank won’t.


5 responses to “Banks Say NO WE say YES; Learn how to get the flow you need without CASH

  1. I like this site its a master peace ! Glad I discovered this on google. “Live…..Laugh…..GOLF” by Kathryn Schaefer Plaum.

  2. Wow, what a blog! I mean, you just have so significantly guts to go ahead and tell it like it is. Youre what blogging needs, an open minded superhero who isnt afraid to tell it like it really is. This is certainly something men and women must be up on. Great luck inside the future, man.

  3. Kathryn, Thank you so much for stopping by. I am glad you liked the post. Please accept my apologies for the delayed response. Until today when I ventured into my spam box; I was unaware you had said such a wonderful thing about my post. Thank you again for your compliment. I do hope you visit again and please by all means feel free and welcome to comment on your interest. Also, be sure to subscribe for future post. I am grateful every time someone clicks that LIKE button as well. Thank you for your support. I will be coming by your Golf spot for sure! here’s your heads up for that! Fore,,, LOL Regards Michelle

  4. Thanks Wembley Hotels,,, I appreciate the comment. Come on back and LIKE SUBSCRIBE FOLLOW- Plus, please do send me an email at I would love to know if you have any rooms, conference rooms, and/or packages to offer our members in the Exceptions Barter Exchange. We are a professional barter exchange for B-2-B.
    Regards, Michelle

  5. Moving and powerful! Youve surely got a way of reaching folks that I havent seen extremely often. If many people wrote about this subject with the eloquence which you just did, Im sure people would do much more than just read, theyd act. Excellent stuff here. Please keep it up.

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