Ohio CPA’s Wanted for Exceptions Barter Exchange- An Ohio Barter & Trade Exchange

Business Accountant is your schedule fully packed?  Do you have appointment slots not filled? Are there services and products that you need or want for your business ? Save your cash-flow for things you can’t barter. Reduce your overhead cost by trading your services at full retail price for products and services you need and want.

Come join the Exceptions Barter Exchange.com network and enjoy the opportunity to network with NEW Clients waiting for you.

Maybe you have yet to hear about the revived trend to barter for business . Click on the CBS News Logo to watch the video “The New Age of Bartering”>>>>>>>

Click here to go to the IRS Bartering Tax Center Official Website

Don’t worry if you have not heard about it, the IRS has and they have lot’s of info to share with you as an accountant in their Bartering Tax Center, including videos. The IRS will show you how bartering is taxable income as well as  deductible expenses for services and products purchased for your business through the Exceptions Barter Exchange.

If you would like more information and to join the Exceptions Barter Exchange click below and get started today. We have new clients waiting for you and thousands of  businesses in our network that you can use your Exceptions Barter Dollars to shop with for the services and products you want.


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