Exceptions Barter Exchange gives Ohio small businesses a chance-Save your cashflow while you grow

Save your Cash Flow While You Grow Small BUSINESS- join the rest of the frugal minded folks who are using Bartering Exchanges to conserve their cash.

CNN Money reported in one of their weekend specials that more and more corporations and small businesses alike are turning to bartering to offset their cost of doing business. Bartering allows you as the business owner to conserve your cash while you offer your services and products to a new customer base in a network to get the services and products you need.

Here are just a few overhead cost that you could be saving your cash from. For a full list send me a message to Info@ExceptionsBarterExchange.com

Business Expenses

$_________ Accounting Services

$_________ A/C Services

$_________ Architects

$_________ Awnings/Canopies

$_________ Banquet Facilities

$_________ Carpet Cleaning

$_________ Cellular Equipment

$_________ Catering

$_________ Cleaning Supplies

$_________ Computer Repair

$_________ Computer Software

$_________ Courier Services

$_________ Electrical Contractors

$_________ Floor Coverings

$_________ Graphic Design

$_________ Janitorial

$_________ Lawyers

$_________ Medical Services

$_________ Masonry Contractors

$_________ Moving & Storage

$_________ Office Furniture

$_________ Painting Contractors

$_________ Pest Control

$_________ Plumbing Contractors

$_________ Printers

$_________ Real Estate

$_________ Real Estate Services

$_________ Rental Space

$_________ Schools & Training

$_________ Security Systems


Go to our website, check it out and feel free to JOIN right from the site


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