Bartering Exchange Is not ? Bartering Exchange is?

 A Barter Exchange is NOT for giving away your products and services for Free!

In fact its purpose serves for the very opposite. It is to save you from having to discount your products and services below their retail value as other retail and service providers sometimes do in order to attract new customers or get rid of stuff they have had in their shops to long. Now while we are all glad that Macy’s and other stores of the same caliber are able to put items on sale for these same reasons; we as small business owners really can’t afford to offer the same with our products and services. And that’s where it pays for us to put them on a barter exchange’s Trading Floor like the Exceptions Barter

What Bartering Exchange is: means that allows you to take products and services that you have extra of and earn full dollar value/price on it to increase your revenue/income instead of giving it away in a promotion or as a discount for new client attraction.

Since you shouldn’t  barter every product or service you offer because you need a happy balance between cash paying clients and barter clients and the electric company doesn’t take barter dollars. Save your  un-booked time and extra products for bartering. At least you will be paid for what it is worth dollar for dollar. Barter Dollars count as income just like Cash Dollars do! Barter Dollars spent on products and services used for your business counts as expenses just like cash spent on business expenses does.

Stay tuned for more Exceptions Barter Exchange Info and Tips- It’s worth your time to learn and earn with bartering. Sign up today and start growing your business with getting the things you need by selling what you have to a network of barters all over the globe!

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