www.ExceptionsBarterExchange.com An Ohio Barter & Trade Exchange- Launching TODAY! Join now

Reviving our economy with the art of Barter/Trade;       

The Exceptions Barter Exchange.

If you have extra product and services that you are losing money on because they are sitting still in time; it’s time to consider an alternative currency system to push those time slots in your week, extra rooms in your hotel, extra empty tables in your restaurant or excess stock on your shelves to income received. Why not accept Barter dollars and stop losing money? 75% of Fortune 500 companies traded in 2009 to realize 16 billion dollars of earned income as reported by the Wall Street Journal and CNN.

It’s time for small businesses to get a piece of that pie while gaining new CASH Customers. Exceptions Barter Exchange offers a Trading Floor that is open 365 days of the year and 24 hours of the day. For a limited time we are offering a discounted membership for the first 25 businesses to sign up for a onetime fee of $35 (normal pricing $149.) !

Use what you have to get what you need to grow your business while saving your cash for the things you can’t barter. All professional industries are welcome to apply. Request more info and get started selling your products and services and meeting new customers. No more wasted time, move that inventory at full retail price before you have to discount it below cost or it collects dust!

http://www.ExceptionsBarterExchange.com Click Join  and get started today. The Trading Floor is waiting for your services and products. It’s a state of the art technological solution that will allow you to sell your products and services world-wide!  Sell what you have, get what you need. Keep your business growing and the economy going!

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