Exceptions Barter Exchange Now Accepting Membership Applications- Join now with discounted onetime setup fee

Exceptions Barter Exchange – creating tools for business owners to grow and achieve while getting the things/services they need with things/services they have to offer.

We are inviting Business Owners to apply for membership in the Exceptions Barter Exchange. This is a 100% barter, not haggling your prices. It’s offering your products and services for full retail value to get a product/ service you need that will SAVE your cash flow for things you can’t barter.

Its gaining new CASH customers through the network of people you meet through the barter. Once they use your service they have something to tell their network who are not in the Exceptions Barter Exchange.

This is not one on one bartering. You don’t have to use the services or purchase the products from the business who purchases yours. You simply gain Barter Dollars to spend anywhere within the network with other businesses who have services and products you can use to save your cash for other things.

If you are a service provider or have products to sell; let me find the services and products you need for your business. Let me help you save your cash and barter for those products.That’s my job and commitment to my customers; finding the things you need and helping you sell your products and services to new customers that you would not have had the opportunity to meet.

Request your application today and get started getting the stuff you need to grow your business and save your cash flow while the onetime set up fee is being offered at a DEEP discounted price to new members.

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