Exceptions Barter Exchange to launch new website- A proud moment Please join me

It’s been a long time coming; a dream come true. My very own Barter Exchange to house my dream to help others Give Back 2 Pay Forward.

For a multitude of years I have been helping others find the resources they need to move forward in their professional and personal lives. For the most part I was not paid for any of my work or efforts whether in cash or trade. It has simply been on a “giving nature” basis hoping they would see the value of my consulting services and pay me for my research/knowledge, expertise, and other services that I have provided. Knowing that I could not survive on my “atta girl” paycheck; I began about a year or so ago to seek out a solution  that would house the trading for which I encouraged people to do that would also pay me for my pooling those resources together.

I am so pleased to announce the Exceptions Barter Exchange that will allow me to keep doing what I love doing best. Helping others get the stuff they need by using  what they got  without Cash Flow they don’t have to build and grow their business and personal lives.

For my belief is that nothing worth anything is or should ever be free; except for salvation that is free for all to enjoy from the Good Lord. Everybody should have to work for what they get or they shouldn’t eat.

Bartering is not free by no means. It is giving something you have to get something you want. Whether that be your time and expertise or your product or your space for rent; what have you. It is something for value in equal or greater comparison.

In the coming days more information will be posted and more regularly now that things are in place to provide a valuable service to my clients that will allow them to have a network of people to barter with instead of one on one barters that limit you to the exchange of services only between two people/businesses.

For those of you who have followed me for many years with my concept of Give Back 2 Pay Forward. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. For those of you who know my work ethic and sheer desire to help others thank you for the recommendations and trust in my integrity. I will need those recommendations in the coming months to get this thing up and running quickly. 

Most of all I thank the Good Lord for not giving up on me in my moments of despair and continuing to help guide me on the right path to a purpose driven life. I am forever grateful, not perfect, but willing to do all that I can to help not only myself but many others who are struggling for a multitude of reasons and need hope for a better future.

Giving Back 2 Pay Forward establishes hope and provides a means to a better end by teaching you how to get the things you need by giving back from what you have in services, products, skills, and talents.

If you would like to receive more information regarding the Exceptions Barter Exchange please send me an email at MichelleLee@ExceptionsToTheRules.com

Launch date of the PCI and IRS compliant website will be announced soon. So Check back often or register to receive an email notification.  Applications for Membership are now being accepted from all professional industries and individuals who are sole proprietors. Discounted rates are available for a limited time in order to allow the value of the Exceptions Barter Exchange to be developed quickly to serve the members well.

Thank you for allowing me to offer you such a wonderful service not just from my expertise, but from my heart.



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