Sondra Wright’s “Forty Plus and Fabulous” is the primer on being your best self beyond age forty. This book teaches you the secrets and pleasures of maturing.

Sondra Briggs Wright, Author of "40+ AND Fabulous

A Message from author Sondra Wright

Sondra writes, “I embarked upon writing 40+ and Fabulous because I wanted to give women a gift; a gift that will set you free from the bondage of the invisible chains of limitation. Self- imposed boundaries that keep you from reaching for all you would dare to have, do, and become – because of what, AGE? Didn’t you get the memo? Age didn’t limit you, it qualified you!

And just so you’ll know: being 40+ and Fabulous has nothing to do with wardrobe, attractiveness, size or shape. The 40+ and Fabulous woman is magnificent in the way she values herself and the woman she has and is becoming – and that is power!”

Capitalize on the power of your True Self. Order “40+ and Fabulous” today.

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