40+ AND Fabulous Book Debut of Sondra Briggs Wright- 2 Day order your copy- Bonus Gifts TOO!

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Are you preoccupied with fine lines and wrinkles?

Are you feeling stuck, invisible or ignored?

You’re not alone.

What if I told you that being over 40 is the most liberating thing that could ever happen to you?

Today’s boomer women are giving aging a make-over. You’ll like the new style. It’s confident. It’s sassy. It’s powerful. It’s you — at your best.

This is clearly not your mama’s mid-life experience. “40+ and Fabulous” shares the insights, challenges and triumphs of women over 40. Let their wisdom empower you to reinvent yourself and step into the fullness of who you truly are.

Order this life-changing book today!

P.S. Discover what men of all ages find most appealing about women over 40; women in their power. What they have to say will delight you.

Order your copy today!

This book started out with just the women in mind. But after the ladies had their say, it was time for a male’s perspective. Sondra went straight to the source, and men of all ages checked in on what they found most interesting, exciting, appealing, and attractive about women in their forties and beyond. Get ready to laugh, cry and celebrate your experience with everything the gentlemen revealed!

Men are in on the secret that women past 40 know who they are and want they want. And … that they are incredibly unapologetic about it.

“40+ and Fabulous” awakens you to the true power … and FUN of life after age 40. Order your copy now.

Sondra Briggs Wright, Author of "40+ AND Fabulous

A Message from author Sondra Wright

Sondra writes, “I embarked upon writing 40+ and Fabulous because I wanted to give women a gift; a gift that will set you free from the bondage of the invisible chains of limitation. Self- imposed boundaries that keep you from reaching for all you would dare to have, do, and become – because of what, AGE? Didn’t you get the memo? Age didn’t limit you, it qualified you!

And just so you’ll know: being 40+ and Fabulous has nothing to do with wardrobe, attractiveness, size or shape. The 40+ and Fabulous woman is magnificent in the way she values herself and the woman she has and is becoming – and that is power!”

Capitalize on the power of your True Self. Order “40+ and Fabulous” today.

What the Ladies are Saying about 40 + and Fabulous

“Forty plus and fabulous is exactly how I feel and to have someone put it in words just blew me away.”

~ Audretta Hall, Support for Your Dreams

“Forty plus and fabulous” will add value to the lives of women everywhere.” ~ Paris Tompkins, The Oodles Company

“This must read book offers wisdom, insight and inspiration to catapult women to their highest aspirations.” ~ Kimberly Hayes Taylor, National Award-Winning Independent Journalist and Pulitzer Prize Nominee

Each of the women in this book courageously shares with you a nugget of wisdom, a pearl from her journey of self-discovery. Learn how each of these women challenged established ideas and reinvented herself to become the successful, confident, powerhouse only she knew she could truly be. If they could do it, so can you!

If you want to be empowered to step into your true boldness, your fullness as a woman, order this book today. http://fortyplusandfabulous.com/promo/

What the Men said about 40+ Women

Okay, it may surprise you, but here goes…

“The most appealing and attractive trait I have found in older women is that they know deep down who they are, what they want…” ~ Trey, Texas

“They are smart, sexy and they know how to treat a man and appreciate us for who we are, just men” ~ George, Mississippi

“They demand things their own way because they know they are worth it.” ~ Dave, southern California

If you aspire to reach your highest level of confidence, your best self and garner this level of respect and appreciation from men of all ages, I urge you to order “40 + and Fabulous” today.

P.S. Stepping into your power will not only give you’re the courage to make your dreams come true, but also, it gives you quite a leg up with the gentlemen. Confidence is sexy. Imagine what your life will be like after you read the life lessons in “40+ and Fabulous.”

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