American Cancer Society’s 6th Annual “Cattle Baron’s Ball” Ohio Historical Village- 8-13-2011

Wrangle For Research:

          The most important moment of the evening for this annual fundraiser held by the American Cancer Society (ACS); is this portion of the program. Wrangle For Research. This is the moment where you decide how much this issue is tugging on your heart to say, “YES, I will give above and beyond my comfort to cure cancer”.

Volunteers of heart            Ruth, Becky (Cancer Survivor recipient of ACS scholarship), Sam Elliot

          When a person does something from that deep deep place in their heart; it’s genuinely coming from a place where they have been touched by the subject at hand. Just like these Ladies here, Cancer has touched their lives either directly or indirectly to the point is has ignited their spirits with action, caring, and commitment to make a difference in the lives of  others.

Volunteers Who were Wearing the T-ShirtAmy Gibbs

          As a volunteer myself; I had my reasons for wanting to be there helping out for a good cause. Yes, I too have had people in my family who were lost to cancer. Not a pretty sight to see; I can tell you that. In fact, very scary.

ACS- Volunteer Couple

Breanna Watzka and Joel Badanes

       A few years back,  I lost an Aunt and an Uncle (brother & sister) to cancer in one months time. For a long time my Uncle suffered but my Aunt found out one day, and a month later she passed. That was really quick for her and for us too.

We’ve had a lot more people die from cancer  in our family than just those two. So it does cross my mind sometimes.

Another reason I was honored to give my time to this event was because of the inspirational awesome line up of entertainment and keynote speakers. I was on a mission to be inspired enough to rid myself of an ugly habit that has the potential to be deadly.

I don’t want to miss any Birthdays.

Check out the website links below to see more on this Annual Event and find out how you can help The American Cancer Society Research with the Annihilation of Cancer-

Sign up for next years Cattle Baron’s Ball- It just keeps getting bigger and better every year. Because of people just like you.

The Rest of this blog post is pictures of various sponsors, volunteers, Chair of Events, and etc. You can find about 80 MORE Pictures in my photobucket Album ” Click below on the link.

American Cancer Society Cattle Barons Ball Photo Album By: E. Michelle Lee, An Exception To The Rules!


ACS American Cancer Society

Becky, Honored KeyNote Speaker & Samantha Elliot, Event Chair


ACS Official Cattle Baron’s Ball- Columbus OhioWEBSITE

The Goddard Schools- Worthington

John Schwab & The Party Band

Made From Scratch Caterers

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