Patricia Stephens, Author of Reversing Chronic Disease , CNC helps Small Biz Owners & Working Professionals who expect to perform at 110% be in better control of their health- see why-

How much do you really think about your health in relation to your daily performance; especially while you work ?

          If you truly had an understanding of your body’s current condition and how it affects your performance, ability, thinking, focus, and all other daily task. You would undoubtedly start paying more attention to your state of health. As I have said before, Top Performers know that good health brings results in work and play.

ask yourself a few questions like these:

How does a low grade headache affect your work?

Can you function if you are in constant pain?

If you can’t see properly; how much extra time does it take for you to read something?

If your thyroid is off what effects do you think it has on your performance?

When you experience hormonal changes do you think they send you a memo first?

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Be proactive in caring for yourself. If you want top performance, you gotta pay attention to your health.

See here how Patricia Stephens, Author of Reversing Chronic Disease can help you identify what’s going on with you, so you can know what’s going on with your business.

ATTN: Men: while I address the health issues of women please note that this information is good for you to know for two reasons;

1) Understanding the health of women helps you to understand the overall interactions with your wonderful counterparts,

2) The source of my information addressed female and male health performance and issues; follow the source to help you address your health as a man.

Do you ever wonder how, this machine, we call a body, works together?

If you don’t; you should. Seriously, there is no way for you to expect yourself to reach higher goals that require your focus to be sharp if you can’t perform on a consistent basis and at the same speed and rate.

        Recently I have been struggling with my health for various reasons. As I journeyed to finding answers and solutions I began to blog my information and findings. By chance a PR firm who was working with Patricia Stephens, CNC  for the release of her new book; “Reversing Chronic Disease- A Journey Back to Health”; seen my blog.

After they connected Patricia and I; our relationship took off in the right direction; back to my good health!

          After reading Patricia’s book and discovering so many aspects I had yet to consider; Patricia started working with me to assess my current internal hormone levels through the Salvia test analyzed by a medical lab. This test showed how my internal system was responding to the demands of my life. The test results showed I need to balance a few things in order to perform at 100%. Rut ro- 

My body is experiencing havoc and I better fix it fast or my work could continue to suffer. It’s my responsibility to stay in good health if I expect to perform at my level best.

Find out more about how your health and performance can improve with a few adjustments and preventative care.  There are various professionals out there that can assist you. Seek them out. Know your body and who you need to work with in order to optimize the physical aspect of you. You many need several types of medical professionals, nutritionist, and others to help you care for yourself.

For more information about Patricia Stephens and her services please visit her website.

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