Sunday Morning LIVE Chat With E. Michelle Lee- Answering ?’s Business/Personal listening to inspiration with RiseUpRadio on WHOK the Hawk 95.

                                    Listen LIVE online 7-9am every Sunday Morning Click HERE

          Hey Gang, hope you had a great week. Are you exhausted? Is your personal basket of energy and motivation empty. OK- you have come to the right place to get a refill.

  Every Sunday Morning while listening to weekly inspiration with John Ritter on the Rise Up Country Show- on Columbus, Ohio’s only country station playing the best of Country’s inspiration WHOK- The HAWK on 95.5 we chat to reflect and to plan for the upcoming week.  That time alone for yourself to see what you did right, what you did wrong, how you can do it better this week. 

             E. Michelle Lee, founder of The Exceptions To The Rules is available for online chat on yahoo at Just send me an Instant Message (IM) with your question for business or personal advice/ coaching/consulting.

                 PLUS- that’s not all- Sunday is Adopt a Pet Sunday. Michelle and Tuffy the Poster Puppy tweet and post to help local area Animal Shelters to bring awareness to items needed, donations , and most of all pets who need a home.

SEE THE NEXT POST: Tuffy had his first field trip this week.  Pictures and more to  come.

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