Resource Alert:Local to Ohio Women Organizations with data to share – Reports-Leaders-info

Founded in 1962, Catalyst is the leading nonprofit membership organization expanding opportunities for women and business.

        I was reading a Business First article by Carrie Ghose “You’ve come a long way, baby- but you’ve got a long way to go”- A new Report shows women are still scarce in the executive suite.

         As I continued reading and found these three organizations mentioned in the article; I started looking them up on the web. I had not really heard much about these resources for women’s issues here locally in Ohio before the CBF article.

      Excellent Resources for Women in General and especially women with a passion for business.

     Click on any of the Logo’s on this page and a separate window will open with the respective home page.

               This New Report provides viable information regarding the status of women in executive level positions as well as other key snippets of info.  Check it out.

To increase the number of women in business and government leadership in central Ohio. We build programs, events, and a community to support leadership development and business growth.

           So if you need any help with your research and getting statistical types of information with reporting history with respect to women’s issues. These are the sites you need to visit. They have a ton of additional helpful links with data. 

The sites are pretty intuitive and full of a ton of RESOURCES FOR INDIVIDUAL WOMEN & ENTREPRENEURS

The mission of The Institute on Women is to improve the lives of the 5.9 million women and girls in Ohio by serving as a data-rich resource for strategic change.

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