Sunday Mornings w/ “E.” Michelle Lee- Reflections for Projections

As y’all have become accustom to my Sunday Morning Chats while listening to my weekly inspiration- with John Ritter on the Rise Up Country Show-Columbus, Ohio WHOK- The Hawk on 95.5 (classic Country)   (No I was not paid to say that); This is part of my Sunday Morning Regimen for the past two and half years.  It’s part of what has made me the strong woman entrepreneur that I have become.

This show inspires me. I listen and hear the people’s stories that call into the show. Amazing individuals all across the land who tell there aha moments live on Rise Up. The genre is country music current, past, and some I would call futuristic country,, LOL  Always there is a topic of the week and a Country Star featured as co-host with John Ritter.

You listen, get inspired, and learn how to hang on for another week. It’s not about just hanging on though. It’s about refreshing to excel. Give yourself, Mzzzzzzzzz CEO a time to replenish. Remember this life is a marathon that never ends. It’s like runners who’s body hurts after they stop running. Hmmm, so if we don’t stop running- going— be inspired- achieving– then we won’t have time to notice all the hurts 🙂

I would appreciate receiving donations to support the Exceptions Mission- if anyone would like to contribute- that would help us help more small business women get the resources they need for daily operations. (Request Info)


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