Lancaster Ohio TONIGHT Chonda Pierce-Performer/Comedian- Good Clean Fun- Inspirational-Rejuvenating -Motivational-Song, Dance,Comedy

Chonda Pierce Listen and Laugh

Laughter is necessary to the equation of all human interaction. If you don’t feel some kind of joy inside; then you are empty and are in need of a refill.

          I say” If you see your glass half empty- then ask for a re-fill”.  

         Going to the Chonda Pierce show is like going to the spa. Thing is, it’s your heart and mind getting the massage and relaxation- not your body.

          Well, on second thoughts I guess your body does get a good time too, because you will be ROTF (Rolling On The Floor) laughing so hard your sides may begin to hurt a little.  🙂

         Here is the links to get you to the show Tonight, One night only- If you would like to sit with our group let me know. Feel free to join us.

E Michelle Lee ordered 1 – Artist Circle ticket(s) for the An Evening with Chonda Pierce  event, taking place Saturday, May 21, 6:00 PM at the Fairfield Christian, 1965 N. Columbus St., Lancaster, OH, 43130.

It’s a ladies night out with the Exceptions To The Rules- at the Chonda Pierce Show in Lancaster Ohio, good clean fun!!!!!!!!!!

One response to “Lancaster Ohio TONIGHT Chonda Pierce-Performer/Comedian- Good Clean Fun- Inspirational-Rejuvenating -Motivational-Song, Dance,Comedy

  1. Hey Gang, come on out with me and the Exceptions for an evening of singing dancing, laughing, and just plain ol cuttin up with “CHONDA PIERCE” If you miss it,, sorry about you’re luck, LINKS above to TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE! More people that come, MOre people to meet and have fun with! Check out some of Chonda’s you tube video’s. The one that inspired me most two years ago when all had been lost; was Rehab/Recovery- its not what you think. has nothing to do with drugs. It’s all about learning how to better cope with Depression, Funny thing is, it’s coming from a woman who is paid to be a Funny Hilarious Christian Comedian- Chonda is Amazing,, All Women should attend. Not just church going women. This is for all women. See ya tonight! Michelle

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