Reviving America’s Economy “Give Back 2 PayForward” A New Concept explained by E. MIchelle Lee-EWNOhio

Give Back 2 Pay Forward                                                                           Revive America B2B = Economic Stabilization & Growth 

E. Michelle Lee, Exceptions To The Rules, founder & President; shares New Concept for economic revitalization and growth for stabilization of the economy

“Give Back 2 Pay Forward”-

  1. You have to have money to make money. Small Business Owners  have been Hit Hard during these economic treacherous times.
  2. Jobs are scarce .   The backbone of America is Small businesses
  3. Un-thought-of Resources are needed to ignite economic turnaround in order to grow businesses that create jobs.

Global SOLUTION:  “Give Back 2 Pay Forward”

The Concept:          Provide individuals with non conventional resources that they need to progress in business from a Pay Forward sponsor. Things that are standard: necessities, practices, and industry related; items-services-products-materials-and guidance that is directly or indirectly related to doing business as a respected professional in any given industry and or community.  And then some not so standard or need understood Resources as well.

          Require that recipients GIVE BACK in the form of equal or greater value to that which they have received.

 The Results

     By providing these non-conventional  resources to individuals who are clearly making a difference in small businesses by creating jobs; we can expedite growth and revenue in our communities.

    When small business owners have the tools and materials they need; economic growth will happen at noticeable increased rates with an ROI 100% guaranteed.  


      If you want to know the when, what , where, why, and how of Give Back 2 Pay Forward send your request to Include your full contact information.


      This concept was first  implemented in the Northland Community of Columbus, Ohio. See Columbus Dispatch Article Salem Elementary Principal & Michelle Lee-hampton

     From 1 group’s effort, local business support, donations, PTA support, local Public School support, and a multitude of other sponsors; this group supplied the needs of many who became successes in their own lives as well as mentored others in the community they lived in.

      For a more detailed account of this economic recovery model; please send request for white paper Give Back 2 Pay Forward EWNOhio

 NEED in order to implement

     I need people, businesses, organizations, and whoever else wants to get involved with economic revitalization, to contact me and get involved.

      The type of volume requires multiple sources of action response. This is a team/global effort. The implementation will take a group of people not just one concerned citizen. Today- help grow small business efforts at the speed of business by providing Real Time Resources to individuals who are busting their chops to make a difference TO CREATE JOBS

 SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BLOG to be updated and for more information regarding the various ways you can help with your contributions of time services, products, materials, guidance, etc…..

THANK YOU, E Michelle Lee TED Talk REsources

“E.” Michelle Lee, An Exception To The Rules!



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