Sunday’s w/ E. Michelle Lee- “Martina McBride guest on The Rise Up Show WHOK 7am-9am

Martina McBride is on Rise Up Country this Morning.

If you missed the show on WHOK 95.5 this morning; no worries you can listen at different times online. Just type Rise Up with John Ritter in your Google search bar – you’ll see the site to click to listen online.

Tuffy The Poster Puppy Promoting  Sunday Pet Adoptions

Friends of The Shelter (Franklin County Animal Shelter) has this really sweet program to sponsor a dog if you cannot adopt one. See their site here:

Friends of the Shelter   Be a Friend Program

         There are many ways to help these two organizations who are providing aide to pets that need a home. Visit the links below. Take your family for a Sunday After Noon drive to an Animal Shelter Near You- Most are open on Sundays.

        You don’t have to adopt- you can go and volunteer to walk a dog and other needed task.  Pets make you smile- you make them feel loved. Try it you might like it!

If you decide to adopt a small to medium size pet today. I will meet you at the Franklin County Animal Shelter with a FREE travel crate with only 1 stipulation. When your pet outgrows it; you prepare it and share it with someone you encourage to adopt a pet 🙂 Regards, E. Michelle Lee, An Exception To The Rules!

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