Are you Really OPEN For Business? From Learnin As We Go-Michelle points out a few things to consider when approached to do B2B


Or is that just what your website says?

   This article isn’t about “how to do business” it is about “How NOT to do Business”  Don’t worry; if you do business like this; you won’t be doing business for very long.

        Countless times this year  I have approached various people in different business settings to initiate conversation about doing business together. Most times they instantly turned me away. Unbelievably, even before I could share with them my idea or the fact that I had already researched their business during one of my own projects and found a connection. 

When I say, “doing business together” that doesn’t necessarily mean, I have a service or product to sell you personally. Maybe, I see a service or product that you have and that will work well with a product or service that I have; so I offer to B2B with you to offer  my clients and yours a service together or in exchange?  You know, you follow me, I’ll follow you.  Make sense? 

         Let me give you an example of  how small business owners are losing business opportunities by being:

1) close minded        2) Self Centered         3)Forgetful

Hypothetical Situation:

      Jane is a business coach. In her training she instructs her clients to send out 3 hand written thank you notes every week to build business relationships.  One day she thinks, hm– postage sales are down. People have lost the art of writing; what can I do to increase recognition for sending Thank You notes to customers, vendors, new acquaintances, and everybody else that you want to connect with and go the extra mile to impress?  Ah, Let’s do business together B-2-B.

  So, small business owner Jane reaches out to big business owner and tries to connect. Turned away instantly. Why? Doesn’t make sense. I want to freely encourage people to purchase more postage and send more hand written business notes.  All I want in return is: a little pat on the back and mention in the add that I came up with this? Nope, we don’t do this. 

         You mean you are telling me that you arent intersted in making money from work you didnt have to do?  If I tell my 100 customer base to send out 3 TY cards every week and just that 100 people do it; that is 156,000 extra postage stamps  at  $ .44 each that you may not have sold without my class assignment. That is         $6, 864. dollars that could be paying the salary of two additional workers for you per month? So why would you not want to hear about it?

Scenario 2-

Lisa offers design services; Niki offers promotion services, and Ilene offers speaking services. Lisa called Ilene and then calls Niki to mention Ilene’s idea for them all to work together to try and drum up business. They reach out. And. CRASH- Niki doesn’t see how it benefits her at this moment. So she turns it away with no regard for what a little time spent to evaluate the proposition may have produced. Walk through the situation, tell me what it just cost her.

Which leads me into my next point 2) Self Centered

   If you are simply out to promote your own services and products; you will lose in the world of business. That’s not how it works. We all spread and share each others services and products so we can sell our services and products. If you aren’t sharing with enough people; you won’t have enough customers to stay in business.  Real quick will your neighboring business owners and customers realize; it’s all about your world. Well , you go live in that world alone because there is a whole line of products and services needed to make the cake at the end of the day.

Awww one of my favs 3) Forgetful

        How often have you had this happen: You help Suzie get a new customer when you took an extra business card with you to the meeting she missed. That card ends up in the hands of her newest client.   Two days later one of your clients comes to you and says, ” I need a bookkeeper you know one?” . You say, no not really. Did you forget that Suzie is a bookkeeper and a nice person who promotes business to business. You know that woman that just helped you get your last customer?

             These are just a few examples that I could share about this subject matter. And I will in coming post; if I don’t who will?  I want to do business; don’t you?  We have to open our minds to doing business differently. If we are turning away business that we need and are not recognizing that we are doing this; we are part of the problem in the economy today.

        The  reasons we are not willing to help someone else promote their business is that we are either fearful we will lose business or it will take time away from our own causes. Well, friend, you will miss out on a lot of opportunities if you try to maintain that mindset.

Have you heard of What goes around comes around? Life is a circle? Karma will make or break you? Serendipity? What you do comes back on you?

These are the laws of nature- they are universal, and they are applicable to business especially business growth.

Check your business message and what you say to others doing business just like you. Do they match?

You give you get- If you give nothing you get nothing,

“Give Back 2 Pay Forward” Be a part of Economic Recovery Let’s work together!

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