Declaration: Proclamation: I am for HIRE my services are 4Sale and they save you money! Independent Contractor W-2 or 1099

Wondering WHAT are my services?

      Great, let me share my service listing with you. In the narrative, basically what I do is handle matters, personal and business related in the following areas to help you:

My Three key services

Business & Daily Operations Consulting & Independent contractor

Motivational Personal Coaching and Resource Pooling for individuals and groups

Paralegal Services– Ohio Local and Virtual Abroad

Subject Matter Expert:

Business Start UP and Development, Readiness for lending, Credit Repair, Commercial & Government contracting, Contract Drafting- Negotiation, Certifications for City, State, and Federal Business (DBE), (FBE), (GSA), (MBE), (EDGE), (WBENC), (STS-Ohio), Information Technology Global operations, Government Agency Disputes, Regulatory Compliance, Dispute Resolution, Supplier Diversity Vendor Programs, Loan Modification, Asset Management, Sales and Marketing-, Legal Research, Corporate Formation & Record Keeping, Self-help, motivational methods, and a multitude of  resources for human needs.

What are some of the types of task I have done?

Please note: I have dealt with over 400 Subjects for which I have provided solutions that resolved the issues

  • Resolved IRS dispute saving $14k in penalties.

  • Re-financed jumbo loan gaining $400k in working capital.

  • Negotiated sub-contract relieving $60K in debt.

  • Created teaming agreements securing $500k in revenue.

  • Created Car Buying Program for Women

  • Prepared multiple H1-B applications for attorneys and private corporations

These are only a few of the types of jobs I am able to do for you and/or your business

To learn more about my services visit my website – fill out my contact form. I will respond to you within 24-hours. Request a free consultation and it’s yours. (20min-limit)

PLEASE NOTE: If you have difficulty with getting a drop down menu on my site. Please let me know. Fatcow and Weebly says it is not happening so there is nothing to resolve. It test out fine for them.

You can try clicking on another tab and then go back and hover over the tab you want to see, it may work after refreshing your page. LOL

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