RESOURCE ALERT: Global Availability- Women’s Professional Work Bag-Sturdy-Sleek-Low Cost

Essential To Professional Business Attire –

The Work Bag

         With our schedules today being packed from morning till night; we have a lot of stuff we have to take with us. It’s the trend these days and a necessity to carry a tote big enough to carry all of these items with us as we go about our day.

            Save yourself some frustration and get yourself a professional workbag. Having everything you need at your finger tips not only will remove stress but it will also show the business world; you are prepared!

          Finally I found a sturdy professional looking bag at a reasonable price. They can get quite pricey. There is a nicer one I want to purchase in the near future at Macy’s . But that one will have to wait and this one will have to do until then!

   Check out this bag I got at the Flower Factory

The lining is cloth to add extra reinforcement to the bag. See the buckle handles how they are connected to the bag. This bag expands and can hold the weight. Solid.

You will never guess how much I paid for this bag????  Not tellin, you will so thank me for the surprise. Under $20.00

           (don’t be fooled by the name, Flower Factory; it is so much more than flowers- it’s everything under the sun ( 4395 Clime Road Columbus, OH 43228 (614) 275-6220) .           It is a huge warehouse with a wide variety of items that can also be bought for resale and is tax-free for business owners. You can also purchase most in-store items online. See here for the flower Factory)

You can also see more pics of featured items in the store on my flicker photo stream here,, Flower Factory


        With your support I can continue to provide you with RESOURCES that you need in Real Time at the Speed of Business!

Warm Regards,

E Michelle Lee, An Exception To The Rules!

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