Diagnosing Motivational Programs- Ever think? – “What is the madness behind the Method?” of any given “New “how to” Program/seminar/workshop/book””.

Understanding from whence it came

  Multitudes of new programs are started everyday. Many of which already have a standard application and history of existence based on an established motivational theory by one of the many great contributors to individual and social change.

       As you are aware; I am diagnosing my own Exceptions Method /program so that I may continue to offer quantifiable evidence that it will work if you apply it properly.

      On a larger scale I am trying to exhibit this model of social change to implement a mindset for the concept of “Give Back 2 the Pay Forward”.And gain awareness through partnership with other organizations who are interested in making a difference in this world through resource allocation that creates jobs, businesses, and successful lives!

          If you think about it; you will see that humans have the tendency to believe that something is owed to them or that it should be free. Common now, you and I both know that if it’s really free, it’s not worth much.

      If you work for something it is worth so much more and you will take better care of it as well.

      If we as a society would help one another to obtain the things we need in our own individual lives and businesses; we could increase business growth, jobs, and thriving communities with this model. 

(If you are interested in the Exceptions Model of “Give Back 2 Pay Forward”- please inquire)

Resource Request:

          Are you a licensed expert with an understanding of motivational theories and applications?  If so, please contact me. I would like to include an expert opinion within this study. 


         Before you apply or use anything that will alter/and or embellish knowledge into your brain; don’t you want to know the bigger picture so you can determine if you want to include this information to your way of thinking?

         Well, I dunno about you, but before I can say YES to anything; I always want to know more about it and who it is that says it’s true.

         For me, I find it hard to dismiss any good idea that is worth learning from even if I don’t agree with the person’s entire life who it originated from. However, at the same time; I want to know what the person who created it stood for in life and business so that I do know the background, demographics, logistics, principals, cultural perspective, and general upbringing of the person.

Dig a little deeper or at least 3Deep.

Remember Michelle’s 3Deep Research Method?

    Want something researched and compiled for you, Hire me to put it together and provide a summary too. I am for hire. Over 12 years experience as a Researcher.

E Michelle Lee, An Exception To The Rules

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