Sunday Morning coffee with E Michelle Lee- An Exception To The Rules!

Good Morning

The beauty of an early morning Sunrise is breath-taking. I love getting up early in the morning having my quiet time to reflect on my past week’s happenings and performance. It helps me to focus and prepare to do what I need to do for the coming week.

    The quiet time I spend on Sunday’s also helps me to let go of failures and replenish my inner strength while connecting to the softer side of me who recognizes that I have been created for a purpose and in His image.

    Sunday is a good day to rest and be with family, friends, and/or pets.  

        I love sharing my time on Sunday’s to promote Animal Adoption and inspirational radio programming in the Country genre with host John Ritter of the Rise Up show. Awesome music, country star guest, call in listeners who inspire you with their stories and such. Good for the ears, great for the heart and spirit. 

Listen online to John Ritter at WHOK Columbus, Ohio 7am-9am most times- you can also seek other radio stations directly from the Rise Up show official website here:

Adopt a Puppy – Local Animal Shelters are open on Sunday’s – Great time to volunteer and/or take a doggy home! See next post from Tuffy the “Poster Puppy”


2 responses to “Sunday Morning coffee with E Michelle Lee- An Exception To The Rules!

  1. Lee Anderson

    Great blog Michelle!

  2. Thanks Lee I appreciate it!

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