Ohio Small Business RESOURCE ALERT: Free Business Plan Writing Class with Tory Johnson

EWNOhio Resource Alert:

Free Business Plan Writing Class with Tory Johnson of Spark & Hustle.

Have your business plan ready to go

in just 1 week!

Monday- May 2-2011

Here’s what you do to sign-up:

Excerpted from the Newsletter of Spark & Hustle- owned and operated by: Tory Johnson

         Tory Johnson said in her newsletter entitled Biz Plan Help and 10 Tips for Today, “We’ll start next Monday, May 2 — and by Friday, May 6, you’ll have a written plan of your very own. This is my gift to you because plans don’t have to be complicated — in fact, simple is a perfect place to start. The goal is to just do it so your success isn’t help up any longer.

To participate in this free week–long activity with me online, just do two things today if you haven’t already done so:

A) Post a note letting me know YOU’RE IN on www.facebook.com/Tory. Include a line or two about your top challenge around business planning. I’ll read them all as I prep for our group sessions.

B) Subscribe to my Spark & Hustle email newsletter by clicking here. You may be on the Women For Hire list, which is wonderful — thank you! — but since this initiative focuses on starting and growing your own small business, we’ll send instruction each day through that list only. You must be on that list to receive the notes and direction from me on this exciting week–long initiative.

Be sure to take advantage of this awesome resource. 

If you don’t already have your business plan or if you are wanting to revive or find another approach to your business plan; make sure you sign up to attend this free week long class.

BIZ TIP: Having your business plan banker ready will open a lot of doors for you and your business. Opportunities galore and not just with banks.

I will be attending Let me know if you are?

Warm Regards,

E. Michelle Lee, An Exception To The Rules!

3 responses to “Ohio Small Business RESOURCE ALERT: Free Business Plan Writing Class with Tory Johnson

  1. Probably be better of creating your won uniqu content

  2. I like the web site…… good stuff !

  3. Bethann:

    I do offer my own unique content sometimes. However, my site’s focus is about sharing resources that I have used or have come to learn about. The Tory Johnson week long class was an awesome resource I used and then shared with others.

    Have a blessed day.
    Michelle Lee

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