E. Michelle Lee, on “what makes me different than any other Biz Coach/Consultant you have ever known”.

Do you want a Business Coach or Someone who pats you on the back enough times to keep you going? Have both, Hire Me http://goo.gl/q9f49

                  Be not mistaken, I am a C level person. I follow the standard practices of business and hold dear my cannons and ethics of the law. But when it comes to business consulting and Coaching people. You absolutely must roll up your selves, do things a little differently, and learn everything you can about that individual in a short amount of time in order to quickly assess: ” What does this person need from me? Which one of my services fits their current pressing need?”               Am I right?

           Then, I thought. Well in order for me to get to know this person well enough to offer them a solution for their business and/or personal need; I am going to have to let them get to know me along the way? 

           Oh now wait a minute, Experts would say, bad idea to let your customers/clients know you and your life. Well, I disagree. If I were in a different field, yes, I would agree. For instance, the clients of the attorney I may be working for does not need to know my personal strengths and weaknesses. But the lady that has just lost everything, who needs to believe; I can do this if I believe. Needs to see a real goal that is possible and feasible no matter what the circumstances.

Folks, I’m not perfect, but I’m perfect for the Job at Hand; Helping others pick themselves up by the Bootstraps  http://goo.gl/Q7c3F

E Michelle Lee 1st Camping Trip

               I am in the business of helping people change their lives by helping them get strong from within first.   While I focus on matters, resources, and solutions most people don’t recognize as a part of life and business; the other side to my spectra is that I am very intelligent and savvy woman entrepreneur who loves doing business and is a stickler for the black/white of a contract process. No Worries- my 100% guarantee is for it to be a Win-Win situation for all involved. Check out my professional recommendations. They speak for themselves. So you know that:

             When it comes to contracts and negotiations, you had better hope I don’t have my boots and suit on that day. Cuz if I do; I am there to win that contracts terms and conditions and make the deal. LOL

The horse I led to water did not drink Until I ask him to carry the water to the trough And made him thirsty Teaching others2give be4 receive,  E Michelle Lee

         Folks, what I am trying to say is this, when you need a friend, I am there.  But since you are paying me to do a valuable job for you; I get to be a little bit more honest with you and what you need to do than others will or can be.  And that’s my promise to you. To do my job so you can be successful in whatever you want to do. When you need a Coach- I am on it. I may approach things differently. But you will feel like its a real down home approach that is genuine and works. So why not be real! Try a different approach when past tries have not panned out.

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