Coming EVent local to Lancaster Ohio-just what the Dr. Ordered- Laughter by Chonda Pierce

Top Performers- Here is your prescription for the week of May 21st, 2011: 

         Chonda Pierce, Comedian and Performer puts her audience on the floor during her shows. You best believe that you and everyone else  who attends will float out of that auditorium full of laughter hope and inspiration. Join me; let’s get a group rate for upcoming show on May 21st, 2011 in Lancaster Ohio.

Reply “Let’s Go” in the comment box below!

Chonda Pierce Listen and Laugh

       Here are a few of my favs of Chonda- she will definately have you rollin on the floor go check her out on YouTube you will see. And another thing you will see. Look at the variety in her show. Do you see two shows alike on you tube? Nope– Let’s get together for a ladies night out with Conda Pierce??? Who’s in?

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