Press Release Essay Scholarship Contest for women-

Enter For your chance to change your life

GRAND PRIZE (1 winner will be selected)
2nd prize (5 winners will be selected)
3rd prize (10 winners will be selected)

Have you been searching for something to light some fire under your rump?  If you are ready to make a leap out of your  comfort zone and reach for a more challenging goal. You may very well be the Exceptions that I am looking to award these scholarships and prizes to.

Listen to Michelle’s Message on You Tube

Just imagine, someone helping you:

? start your own business
? weight loss program
?  recover from recent a catastrophe

Are you an “Exception To The Rules”? Do you want to do something different with your life. Would you like funding and some help to make it happen?  Tell me why you are an Exception To The Rules and why you should win a full sponsorship for the start up cost associated with starting your own business and/or the Phase 10 Exceptions Training; plus one on one coaching.

Don’t forget to  complete the contact form to receive your packet of information for your Essay submission to the Exceptions Essay Contest.

Good Luck!
Remember- We all win.
When you win!

You make the goal. We help you reach it and give you some materials, products, motivation, and just stuff that you need to ensure that you get the tools/resources you need.  I like to call them:
“the Tools you Need to Succeed”.

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